Forever is a long time

June 20, 2011
Forever is a long time

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Man, reviews are bad. Like, real bad. But honestly, how would a game like Duke Nukem Forever EVER hold up to the legend anyway? Chances have been pretty slim for a while me thinks.

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  1. The final panel had me laughing, Just upside down xD

  2. NeuroMan42 says:

    The Demo was like a 1000x better than the actual game.

  3. Ehrgheiz says:

    Yes! This is basically what all my Duke friends are doing right now.

  4. This game delivered everything i expected Duke Nukem to deliver. Big guns, boobs and Aliens. oh and of course a lot of geek references

  5. Ink Asylum says:

    I love any comic of yours that ends with someone jumping off a cliff.

  6. MXC says:

    I don’t give a damn what any critic says, this game is fantastic. It’s everything I always wanted and it apologizes for nothing. This is the game 3D Realms wanted to make, and I love it.

    I love Duke 3D and I love Duke Nukem Forever. To hell with the critics, all I’m giving them is my middle finger.

  7. Masterwabbit says:

    Wait, you can get that bald and wrinkly in only 13 years time?


  8. shadow wolf says:

    you cant expect awesomeness for a company that have no create the game, at least they do their best. some times we just criticize with out think in all the effort that game takes.

    • darkanders says:

      I thought long and hard about how crappy this game is. I don’t care how much time goes into making a game, if it is bad it is bad. If you want me to buy your product your job is to make me see the value in it. 80’s outdated humor aside bad outdated game play is not what I am going to pay $60 for.

      • shadow wolf says:

        dude, im not saying that the game is good or suck so hard, i just saying we must have appreciate the work the company. if you don’t want to buy it ok don’t buy it but don’t say that its sucks cause you haven’t play it, one more thing, their work its not make you see the value of something . their work is to make something for your enjoyment and sometimes the things don’t go out as expected .

    • abcd says:

      Why do we need to respect paid workers, again?

  9. Monkeytron says:

    I agree with MXC completely. Single player is fun, but it’s the multiplayer that really takes me back to the wondrous times of Duke Nukem 3D. No other developer could have done a better job!

    Kind of makes me wonder what people was expecting… yes, it’s misogynist, childish and full of stereotypes I normally hate, but I can’t help loving everything about it.

  10. Biff says:

    It’s not that bad, really. It’s a matter of meeting expectations, and it met mine pretty much exactly.

  11. Mad-Bassist says:

    Ha ha! I tend not to listen to critics. The one review I did read said many bad things, but he also seemed to lack the sick sense of humor required to enjoy it. This is the opinion of someone who has a Mentors T-shirt in his closet (and hung out with Sickie Wifebeater a couple times.)

    So, maybe I’ll be a Lemming when I buy it, but I’m sure I’ll dig it!

  12. Vake Xeacons says:

    It’s the typical case of “not better enough” sequel. How many games have we seen that are totally awesome, better than their predecessors, but because they didn’t quite hold up expectations are classified as crap?

    HEY! WE GOT OUR DUKE! After 15 some-odd years! That alone should be enough!

  13. DarkRubberNeck says:

    I don’t know, I thought the game was bloody good. Could have been more open and less on the rails though. One review I read said that this duke was nothing like the original duke, however if I remember correctly Duke3D isn’t the only duke game out there. The ones on the 64 started to evolve duke into the bear swilling drug addict he is today and I loved those games too.

    • Gary says:

      I played the original Duke Nukem on my 286. He was actually a pretty clean character at the time (especially compared to how he turned out) 😀

  14. Dave_Nab says:

    IMO it’s bad because it is nothing like the first game.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t bloody fix it damn it !

  15. Allitnil says:

    Hahahahhahha…. aaah… ahem..


  16. JonFromSeattle says:

    The game is great. Visually it may be the same, and a lot of the mechanics for gameplay may be the same – but the weapons, jokes, humor, story are all updated and changed. I paid for the game 13 years ago and was able to use my original receipt to pick up the collectors edition. Hate all you want, this is a great game for what is provides. Tons of entertainment value.

  17. EricHVela says:

    It could have been worse. I feel safe to say that it’s not a game for everyone (and I’m not referring to the ESRB rating, either). Those wanting the tongue-in-cheek DN that they were expecting so many years ago (and still expecting that one) might enjoy this one quite a bit. Those who have come to expect a game that commonly, these days, has so-called ‘depth’ (and I’m not referring to the graphics, either) even for such as DN (which nobody should expect) will probably hate the game.

    In any case, such feelings seem mostly directed towards the game and not the developers. Yet, it could be worse. There could be no game at all and people will continue to hope and imagine things greater than they could be and suffer a little with the time that passes without so much as a teaser. (HL2:EP3?)

  18. Lucas says:

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  19. Rothide says:

    ::looks at the controller in his hand::

    See, there’s your problem, PC is the MUCH better version, none of the crappy glitches, just the dated gameplay.

  20. Malm says:

    Playing a fps on console? I see why he’d kill himself from embarrassment.

  21. Kh says:

    Dear spoiled Duke Nukem Fans.
    Old Duke Nukem was more living than new Forever.
    DNF just feels so empty that it dosent even deserve name “duke”.
    I could say that last Duke what was made in Playstation 1 was even 10x better than new DNF.
    Atleat you had more game play than DNF has.

  22. SavagePurr says:

    Scott, just spent my entire day reading every comic posted on here ( completionist ), and I am duly impressed….. /cheer to you sir, although I am disappointed in no Cata references at all, are you boycotting WoW?

    • Rossy says:

      Wasn’t that one of the stupidest thigns you ever saw?What was up with the finger?Hand in the air, finger against cheek, elbow not touching the table.Message: “I am the world’s greatest pompous ass! View me, and be afraid!”Awful. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

  23. Mark says:

    As crap as the game is I am glad at least to know how crap it is and stop the waiting for it!

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