July 9, 2014

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I’m sure you guys are following this silliness. As of today, there are now MANY stupid “hey, I’m gonna make food” kickstarters. Not shocking to anyone, but still kinda lame. I think the market and the users tend to work this stuff out, and this stupid trend will die as quickly as it rose, but what bugs me more is the ding to Kickstarter’s reputation. Either way, interesting times we live in.

6 Responses to Floodgates

  1. Devon says:

    Over $70,000 raised for a guy to make potato salad so far, how very accurate you are Scott! I wouldn’t even be surprised if we see the one in the middle frame.

  2. Ikcor says:

    I’m going to start asskicker.com which takes money to track down these fools and, well, you can figure that part out.

  3. Indigored says:

    As long as Kickstarter is still monitoring for ethics, more power to them. The old adage “a fool and his money…” should not be denied!

  4. Jack Fox says:

    Just clicked that link…

    I’ve lost what tiny amount of faith I’ve had left in the world.

  5. Falos says:

    Satire is normally achieved with a ridiculous mockup of the trending fad, as in Rock Simulator.

    When people can’t identify it, when the lines blur, you’re evidently struggling to find distinguishing room at the heights of stupidity.

    Rephrased, if you can’t tell the satire apart either the viewer is an idiot or the subject matter is pants-on-head retarded to begin with.

  6. Kenny Imai says:

    oh my… He promises to say each backer’s name out loud during the making of the potato salad. With 6000 + names that might take him a 2-3 hours.

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