August 16, 2010

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Having a little fun with these two. I’m sure I’ll get over them soon enough, but for now, I get a kick out of these guys. Today’s joke is based on a tweet I did over the weekend that sort of stuck with me.

14 Responses to Fishing

  1. Tigerguy786 says:

    Nice. Why have the last few comics been black and white?

  2. Tigerguy786 says:

    Oh, OK. Thanks.

  3. Bottleguy says:

    Love the Tri-Force t-shirt, very nice touch for the late 80s!!

    • Geckomayhem says:

      The comic is set now (hence the twitter comment), so he is wearing the Tri-force t-shirt now, in 2010.

      I laughed when I read the punch-line. Comic successful. 😉

      Made me think of crazy cat ladies for some reason. Is his mum a crazy cat lady?

  4. NeuroMan42 says:

    Love the B&W comics.

  5. iamdcay says:

    awesome punch line. rofl! so true.

  6. chuck says:

    I wonder what people back in 1987 would twitter about…

  7. KD says:

    Scott what happened to the bigfoot diaries I was loving those!

  8. Roridge says:

    lol… couple of months ago I said something similar 🙂
    If you can’t tweet something nice, tweet it anyway. I for one will respect you for being honest and brave enough to be yourself.

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