Figure of Speech

February 17, 2014
Figure of Speech

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There are SOOOO many good examples of this kind of thing in TV and film, that clearly we needed a standard that we could apply to them all. For some reason, the Fonz jumping an actual shark in Happy Days was it. But it got me to thinking about all the horrible things that could also qualify. What are your favorites?

7 Responses to Figure of Speech

  1. Sean Noel says:

    An Extra-terrestrial in the General Lee.

  2. Darthgator says:

    How about “Thumbs upped the Terminator.”

  3. NeuroMan42 says:

    “Nuke the Fridge” is one that IS somewhat used regarding films now.

  4. Heh, NeuroMan42 beat me to “Nuke the Fridge!”

    How about: “Ted McGinley should be here any moment now!” He’s the patron saint of the JTS website—not saying he’s a bad actor, but he’s had odd luck being hired late in more than one series that’s starting to tank.

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