Erotic Bordem

September 6, 2012
Erotic Bordem

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6 Responses to Erotic Bordem

  1. randy says:

    I’m so behind on all things Frogpants, I’m just curious, did Randy actually read the books?

  2. Todd Davis says:

    Ha! I went to look at this and was actually wearing my MEH shirt… Not as cool as his MEH shirt though…

  3. Soy says:

    50 shades of Meth?

  4. deeflash says:

    and here I thought it was going to be some weird new ikea furniture…

  5. Jack says:

    I don’t know why, but i find the fact that the guy on the right’s sleeves are too long just amazing.

  6. Vake Xeacons says:

    I want that T-shirt!

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