Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

June 27, 2013
Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

About this comic

Nerd comic! I like the idea of sentient robots in high school going to EPROM. Sue me.

Oh and in case you have no idea what this refers to on a technical level, this could help.

17 Responses to Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

  1. Mark Rogaski says:

    “I would, but I’m concerned about your doping.”

    Man, I love EE humor.

  2. Dane says:

    “Will go you go to eprom with me?”

    not intended, i’d venture.

  3. Patty Chuck says:

    Is there a typo in “Will go you go”, or am I missing an even deeper joke?

    • Patty Chuck says:

      Weird, Safari must have cached the old image from the “Top Sites” window. Looks okay now!

  4. Paul Fox says:

    Today’s comic suddenly reminded me of the old movie Heartbeeps for some reason. 🙂

  5. CurtisB says:

    “As long as you have the right Address to take the Bus to it with.”
    I will pre-empt here:

  6. CurtisB says:


  7. Mad-Bassist says:

    Papa Robot: “I don’t remember my EPROM…”

    Mama Robot: “That’s because you hung out under the blacklight!”

  8. DanS says:

    I love that they are wearing normal backpacks instead of more “robot-like” ones.

  9. Jack Fox says:

    Can’t deny it.

    Made me giggle.

  10. Acedian says:

    “Junior, you can take your little fembot friend as long as you watch out for that malfunction your mother tells me you have been having lately.” 🙂

    • Jack Fox says:

      But it’s not a malfunction! It’s Working as Intended!

    • Cecelia says:

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