Don’t call us, we’ll call you

May 20, 2013
Don’t call us, we’ll call you

About this comic

I do these occasionally, and if you dig through the EL archives, chances are you’ll find others. They typically show up when a new x-men movie is coming out.

This time? Just felt like it. Well, sort of. I found a note in a book I keep next to my bed for sleep-time comic ideas and the like, and I don’t remember doing it, but there written in pencil were the words, “Nervous Diarrhea”. Very odd, but I ran with it the only way I know how, for good or bad.

Anyway, enjoy! Who would you put on the reject list?

17 Responses to Don’t call us, we’ll call you

  1. JHammondC says:

    This is my favorite one. I love the fact that the ear has a q-tip. And the expression pants optional is great. Maybe there will be one of those at the N13 costume contest.

  2. John B says:

    You should never run with nervous diarrhea. Not a good idea.

  3. Bill Murphy says:

    Pants Optional Man shouldn’t have that option if he needs such a short black bar. 😉

    I’d like to see Nervous Diarrhea in a fight though.

    • Rob says:

      Maybe PO Man curves to the side. Just sayin’ 😉 Also Nervous D would be one helluva weapon, being covered in D has got to bring all that fighting to a dead stop. Ewww.

  4. anotherjmartin says:

    Pants Optional Man looks suspiciously like Brian Ibbott…

    • Jack Fox says:

      Are you saying you have seen Ibbott sans pants!?

      Also, I would never want to be stuck behind Nervous D.

    • Dan says:

      Twitter: And it thrills me to no end to have saeosned organizers like yourself, as well as newcomers to the industry, taking part in this pet project of mine. Happy Hanukkah!Janet Barclay recently posted..

  5. Bardsolo says:

    Nervous Diarrhea should have had a cape made from T.P. His outfit should also be that odd pepto shade of pink.

  6. Moobie says:

    The expresion on the face of “Pants Optional Man” is killing me, LOL! >.<

    He does indeed look like Mr. Ibbott quite a bit. 😀

    • I agree…he seems FAR too happy about his situation.

    • James says:

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  7. Mad-Bassist says:

    Heh heh, good one!

    I read DC more often when I was young, so I came up with “Super Wino!”

  8. Jack Fox says:

    The amount of Spam comments from other sites makes me sad =(.

  9. The scenes that would have to be written to incorporate these X-Men would be hilarious!

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