DLC Decisions

July 8, 2010
DLC Decisions

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You hear about this? Can’t wait. The idea that this was an obvious choice for these guys makes me grin. Hard.

17 Responses to DLC Decisions

  1. NicoleSpag says:

    haha i can’t wait to eat your brains!

  2. hawkito says:

    Can’t wait to shoot your dead horse…uh dead?

  3. Shogan01 says:

    Guess we can play Zombie John Marston soon!

  4. Daniora says:

    An insider informs me that this line of logic is spot on.

  5. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    The answer is always zombies: zombies!

  6. Draig says:

    hell yeah! Zombies!…wait, what?! Sounds fun but odd at the same time.
    To paraphrase Brian(?) at Filmsack “You got zombies in my wild west movie, no wait, you got westerns in my zombie movie”.

    • Aakriti says:

      I’m using the hummer , but I get up to 68k and the mriltaiy kill me must be this way tho . I found the way on YouTube ps 3 user name is frecklybum . Add me maybe we could do it co-op

  7. Foxlore says:

    Zombies are like chocolate sprinkles…they make everything better.

  8. marc says:

    Scott’s got zombies on the brain because of all that Walking Dead, 🙂

  9. MXC says:

    I’m definitely excited, but shouldn’t the free roam update be free? It would be really stupid to charge $10 for anti-griefing measures.

    Since they haven’t talked about the pricing, I still have an excuse to hold my breath.

  10. TomA says:

    i think all of the DLC sounds like crap

  11. Gath says:

    I’m very sure the following DLC will be… *tcham tcham* Pirates!
    Or ninjas.

    • Brian Duff says:

      Pirates AND Ninjas….. and then just when you think all is lost… Aliens show up… and then steampunk robots….

      …. then Nazis

  12. Tim says:

    Loved the comic!

    Notice the artist didn’t get rid of the left hand’s fingers resting on the right wrist in the 3rd frame.

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