November 4, 2013

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I’ll admit it. I really like this time of year, and I really like Christmas music. I go for the old-school 40’s era stuff specifically. There’s a particular tone to that stuff that I can’t get enough of. So the dude in the sweater in this comic wouldn’t like me very much. That’s ok. I like happy things. 🙂

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  1. DocVape says:

    Yup, only Christmas music I like is the Dean Martin, bing Crosby, burl Ives stuff

  2. Ron - PaintguySeattle says:

    My wife’s family grew up listening to an Elvis Christmas album. I found a CD of it and it has become a tradition. I do not put it in the player until around Dec. 10th though.

  3. Jon Bauer says:

    Black Friday is when I like to start listening. That’s usually when a few radio stations switch over to nothing but Christmas music.

  4. Espi says:

    I never understood when people have a problem with listening to christmas music at any time really.

    “If you aren’t hurting anyone, then do what makes you happy” is what i always say.

    • Bravo25 says:

      I don’t think it is a matter of listening to Christmas music because you like it. It is more a thing that shopping on Nov 1 and knowing you have to endure 2 months on the stuff anywhere you go that sets some people (myself included) off a bit. There’s no choice there, other than where you decide to shop.

  5. Sue says:

    Dec is early Eartha Kitts “Santa Baby”and May one other..which moves me to tears…

  6. DaboGyrl says:

    I grew up listening to “Holiday Sing A Long With Mitch Miller”.

    A couple of years ago, I bought it off iTunes even though I still have the vinyl version in excellent condition! *grins*

  7. CosmicDebris says:

    I love Christmas music and the holiday season! However, I have a hard time with hearing it before Thanksgiving. I like my holidays to have boundaries!

    • DaboGyrl says:


      OMG! I’m the same way! I won’t have anything to do with Christmas until Thanksgiving.

  8. Vrobaby says:

    So the wife wanted to pass along that she approves this message…lol.

  9. Darthgator says:

    Usually start listening right after Thanksgiving and listen all the way through first week of Jan. Give me Andy Williams and Bing Crosby any day.

  10. flash jervis says:

    I don’t mind Christmas music what I mind are these toys, ornaments, malls etc that play 20 seconds of a song and then jumps to 20 seconds of another one and over and over without ever playing the whole song. Its actual torture for me.

  11. Mwahahahahaa! The season approaches once again!

    I put a CD together years ago from this source: – very cool source for thousands of digitized cylinder records. It’s great for playing behind the counter at my hotel, and many of the Christmas songs are over a hundred years old.

    Otherwise, I’ll torture friends with the Rifftrax edition of the Star Wars Holiday Special. 😉

  12. Tank-Like says:

    I hate christmas. Or better yet: I hate how people feel obligated to put on a happy face and everything has to be perfect and fun all of a sudden even though most of the times christmas is nothing more than stress up to the last minute.
    And I especially hate christmas songs.

    For me, christmas is yet another holiday I can’t wrap my head around. Since I am not a christian, I actually couldn’t care less.
    The funny thing is: I really DO like to get presents for my family. It’s all the other stuff I don’t like: the food, the decoration, the songs and people going crazy everywhere.

    In Germany, they started selling “christmas food” (gingerbread and stuff) in August which is really stupid in my mind. And by the end of November you can’t get any of it anymore because everyone’s fed up with it, people stopped buying and therefore stores stopped selling it. People are weird…

    Well, call me a Grinch, I don’t care.
    Then again: I don’t celebrate my birthday either so what do I know 😀

  13. Bill Murphy says:

    On my drive home from wherever I celebrated Thanksgiving I would play a compilation cassette tape of Christmas music I put together. I listen to Christmas music straight up until January 1st. That’s when it all gets put away and not to be listened to until the following year.
    Unfortunately the stores are already playing Christmas music. I want to hear Christmas songs and have them remind me of snow and decorated houses with Christmas lights. Not trick or Treating in the fall!

  14. foxlore says:

    I have certain traditions, like watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving that I must do in November prior to Thanksgiving, which for me is like the warmup of the Christmas holidays. Usually I will listen to some holiday music during this time to, but it is really the day after Thanksgiving that get things into high holiday gear (at least musically). I’ll definitely have a Holiday playlist going while I am shopping (which I mostly do online these days).

    And while I am not normally a coffee drinker during the year, the occasional Starbucks Gingerbread Latte also helps get me in the mood.

  15. Jack Fox says:

    I don’t exactly hate Christmas. I hate that we celebrate Christmas from Early October till late march… That been said I hate 99.999% Of Christmas music and after maybe 2 hours of it I never want to hear another Christmas song again.

    Cept for some of Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  16. SgtDetritus says:

    Just watched the Movie Arthur Christmas today. It’s from Aardman, the folks behind Wallace and Grommet. It’s about the only one I ca stomach before thanksgiving. Anyway, people doing christmas thing ealy..okay stores and radio stations starting up this early…not okay

    • Jack Fox says:

      Arthur Christmas is a fantastic film, my friend and I are making it our annual tradition to watch that film.

  17. DaboGyrl says:

    Just to share….Santa Claus arrived at one of our major malls this past Saturday. Frankily, I’m floored about that.

  18. I’d have to say 40’s era is the only tolerable era of Xmas music. I think they use Xmas music at GITMO for torture.

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