Dangers of sledding

January 10, 2011
Dangers of sledding

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Again, this one came in a dream. Had to get it out of my system. What is up with all these Star Wars comics lately? No idea.

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10 Responses to Dangers of sledding

  1. Jamie says:


  2. darkanders says:

    I really wish I had dreams even close to as crazy as this.

  3. Darrell says:

    Those things really do seem alive in their own way, so why wouldn’t they enjoy a good sledding?

  4. Ciaran Rooney says:

    What is up with all these Star Wars comics lately? Star Wars: The Old Republic Baby!!!!
    Nice Comic

  5. atlantis1982 says:

    Yeah, this is definitely something from a dream. The absurdly that a kid would still go sledding is ridiculous. 😛

  6. Mad-Bassist says:

    Perhaps you’re picking up on a scene Lucas will add to the future 3D edition?

    • Spinny says:

      Well now you’ve done it!

    • Chris says:

      I can’t believe they auclalty did that for you. Most places would probably just pitch it. Do you remember some pictures a few years ago of Angelina Jolie (I think) desperately leaning over a boat rail because her kid had dropped his animal over the side? And some guy fished it out. I guess motherly love is universal.

  7. Joel says:

    It’s the kind of thing kids would totally be pretending when they’re out sledding. “Quick, duck! I think I saw an imperial probe droid behind the snow fort!”

  8. EricHVela says:

    All caught up with the comics after… what… a couple years of hiatus? While Gary Larson’s were nature-slanted, I’d say that these are not completely unlike his stuff in tenor but entertainment-slanted (and a totally different art style). Surprised I didn’t see a Spiderman thing recently, though.

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