Comic: “Untold Historically Accurate Santa Battles: Part 1”

December 10, 2009
Comic: “Untold Historically Accurate Santa Battles: Part 1”

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Gonna have some fun with these. The first of a bunch of these before Christmas. Enjoy.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Santa: “‘Ello, beastie. “

    • Garrett says:

      We love the photos. It was great wonikrg with you.Louann (grandma)PS As soon as you left the little stinker fell fast asleep, on his tummy with his hands tucked under his chin.

  2. Batpeople623 says:

    xD That Kraken Must have been on Santa’s “Bad” list.

  3. Socrates says:

    LOL thats nice, cant believe i missed that chapter in the odyssey

  4. MrChlorophyll says:

    You have opened my eyes to realm I had never before conceived or thought possible. You must continue these, sir.

  5. Andreas says:

    Reminds me of the Santa in Futurama.

    “Ho, ho, ho your misteltoe is no match for my TOW-missil!”

  6. marvin says:

    Love it!

  7. Nathan Z says:

    The “Part 1” in the title excites me 🙂

  8. Zorbane says:

    I guess if this were an action movie Santa would say “Merry Christmas” as he fires his bazooka

  9. Masterwabbit says:

    Place your bets, everyone, for the next part in this series. I’m placing my money on “Santa vs. the Abominable Snowman January 1934”.

  10. cerverous says:

    Santa Vs The Grey Butterknife ninja… oon..

  11. prion says:

    October 1917: Santa vs the Red Baron

  12. Donnerberg says:

    Seriously! This is soooo wallpaper worthy. I crack up every time I see it.

    Any chance you could upload a bigger one for us? Like 1280 or 1600 :puppy eyes:

  13. Lorigga says:

    simple. genius.

    thanks scott, this picture made my day!

    epic santa battle recommendation: the chupacabras

  14. Biff says:

    You’d better not shout, you’d better not cry, you’d better watch out ‘cuz you’re gonna die.
    Santa Clause is coming for you.

    • Ana says:

      I experimented with tanikg a look at your blog in my iphone and the design doesnt seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cellphone layouts are not really working with your web site.

  15. Alex says:

    Santa VS. Bizzaro Santa

  16. Jason says:

    Someone must have just read ‘the lightning thief’ series

  17. Holymoefoe says:

    Your art rocks! Great freakin Idea Scott!! 🙂

  18. Greg L says:

    What’s freaky is that I hit the “? Random” button on this page, and got taken to… another Santa comic of yours (“Santana Claus”). Then I hit the random button again, and guess who was in the next supposedly random comic? Mr. Clause (being held up by a disgruntled Rudolph).

    I suspect dark forces are at work here. There may be Claus for alarm.

  19. Vince says:

    I’m hoping for a Santa vs. Godzilla movie to be directed by Michael Bay.

  20. Vergast says:

    Whats really sad about ‘santa vs the kraken’ is when i saw it the first thing to come to mind was: ‘they didnt have bazokas in 1924.’

    whats wrong with me?
    Wheres my christmas spirt?

  21. Novan Leon says:

    WE may not have had bazookas in 1924, but no doubt Santa’s on the cutting edge when it comes to weapons technology.

  22. Doughboy says:

    That is absolutely freakin’ beautiful…PLEASE keep these coming!

  23. Remember when he took on the Martians a few years back?

    He left a BFG that will be found in a century or two when someone opens the gate…

  24. Nakoma says:

    “I want my reindeer back, you son of a bitch!”

    • Victor says:

      polu glukes kai axesthaes stigmes,efhome oloi oi goneis na mporoume na kanoume kales thysies gia ta eheis mia kalh hronia gemath apo ola ta kala.

    • Fareeda says:

      well I’ve started maing mine, then dang I loeveed it so much I had to start making another to ensure that one gets sent of in time….LOL,cheers Vickie

  25. prion says:

    hey Scott, Santa is *immortal*, right? you could have some fun with that

  26. Surgeville says:

    I’m confused…he had a jet pack in 1924, but today he uses reindeer?

    • Hipgnosis says:

      I’m thinking that the reindeer and the sleigh are for transportation, whereas the jetpack is a part of his monster-slaying arsenal.

    • Nakoma says:

      The jetpack is for short-range missions. And the storage room on it is non-existant. 😀

  27. Awa says:

    A minute saved is a minute eaerdn, and this saved hours!

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