Comic: “YouTube Comments Kill Nanna”

November 2, 2009
Comic:  “YouTube Comments Kill Nanna”

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Yeah, they are that bad. Tried to figure out why it’s so bad over there. Where did that all come from? Why so horrible as compared to other sites? It’s gotta be more than sheer size. Any mob experts out there? 🙂

Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. How does Nanna afford a 27-inch iMac?

  2. Darrell says:

    I almost wanna send this to my mom. 😉

  3. Zac Erickson says:

    It is really bad over there. Just horrific.

  4. Russ says:

    I blame 4chan

  5. Mark Dell says:

    I blame any type of moderation. When the bad outweigh the good then all the worst comments will be the ones with positive ratings.

    I think there needs to be some kind of repercussion to offensive posts by the video poster. Too many strikes and you’re out!

  6. Mark Dell says:

    Or how about allowing user icons like here. Then if someone trolls around then their icon is permanently set to this:

  7. Asterix says:

    I think that my IQ drops a few points any time I read some YouTube comments…

  8. Adrian says:

    That comic made me ROFL in RL =)

    its so true the comments on youtube are really out of control.

  9. Moobie says:

    Love it! 😀

  10. Icesnake says:

    It’s very simple, Scott. Ignorant people who surf the Internet think they are anonymous, and their behavior reflects that they are savages who would behave jsut as badly in person, if they thought they could get away with it.

    What they don’t know is that, given sufficient interest and fifteen minutes, almost any Internet professional can track them down to their home address, along with phone number, drivers license number (if any), and social security number.

    For example, ask Spamford, er, I mean Sanford Wallace if he’s anonymous when he spams.

  11. GRPeng says:

    I see the beginning of a new series. Nanna = Kenny. 😀

  12. Trebblebase says:

    Haha this has made my day. Though tbh Youtube comments could give anyone a heart attack lol 😀

  13. Chad says:

    One of my new favorite EL comics. Good job Scott.

  14. Greg L says:

    The title of the comic totally killed the punchline, Scott.

    There was almost no point seeing the comic itself except to see how you drew it.

  15. ScottC says:

    I find Failblog comments are exceptionally bad as well.

  16. Rene says:

    I have the distinct impression that the title was just meant to lure us in and have us comment on the concept of commenting on comments on some other web service, and… it worked!

    IOW, are your web stats a bit on low side, Scott?

    That is as hateful I can get nowadays. I feel old, gray and totally useless. I be off now, taking care of my bunions. Bye!

    >- gone -<

  17. virgowall says:

    Yah, my nanna would croak too if she read youtube comments. Nice social commentary.

  18. ThePenciler says:

    Everybody wants to be 4chan. And everybody fails at it. Either they get too defensive or too personal and desperate.

    • ThePenciler says:

      Elaborating: People often get humor wrong by letting their own personal prejudices of sexism, racism and emotional baggage show through. Making the humor come off as desperate and off-putting. Shock “humor” is often used as an excuse or cover for this.

  19. Wobbel says:

    I realy like utube. I just finished waching a NIN consert and I love to wach gameplay from iphone games (the pictures in the i-tunes store are kinda useless) and stuff like this. And I never realy looked at the comments so I just looked… and it realy is horribel (Scott going “made yha look har har har”). so… now I will just ignore it again as always 😛

  20. Diego S. says:

    i used to get pissed at comments in youtube and start endless discussions which would only contribute to fill my mail with youtube comment response alerts and my profile with insults. Then somehing in my head just snapped and I was enlightened: it’s fun. try writing somehing like “lol f4g” in ANY kind of youtube video and see how people who used to be like me become enraged and indignated with it. There is no place for rationality on the internet, and you are all bound to learn that sooner or later 😀

  21. Usagizero says:

    Thankfully i’ve not gotten many comments at all on any youtube video i have posted, but then the views have topped out at about 20, mostly from friends. Might be because i mostly just post videos of my rabbits, and don’t tag very well so i might just be lucky.

  22. Jay says:

    Want to really make your eyes bleed? Check out the comments on any political type video. Good grief it’s like a kindergarten class just before nap time.

  23. Geckomayhem says:

    Surprisingly, I have read some very nice comments on YouTube. And not just under videos with a handful of views, either. But this comic hits the nail on the head. There is a great percentage of complete a*holes out there who want to be heard. Why do so many people get offended and feel the need to retaliate abusively?

    If only there were better moderating measures, as some of you have suggested.

  24. SteC says:

    I agree with those garbage comments. Even with the filter options you can tweak with by the comments button, there are still too many * s. I mean asterisks. YT can’t go on like this.

    • Linda says:

      hey,When i play the game online it plays pefecrtly.then after about 30 minutes it starts to lag horribly.This happens on every game i play on the servers.Do you have any idea how this could be caused?any help would be greatly appreciated grtz,Josh

  25. bharg says:

    had to cry a little when i read the comic :'(

  26. Dingo19 says:

    I use the YouTube Comment Snob add-on for FF. Works great, almost never see an obnoxious comment, in the rare case I read them:

  27. FrederikK says:

    That’ some very nice, young and pointy breats for a granny. You should know better scott 🙂

  28. Zee says:

    It’s probably because youtube is very mainstream. That’s why a lot of people go there without an ounce of respect.

    Yes I am implying that youtube comments reflect the true nature of the general public.

  29. Derek says:

    Блог замечательный, однако чувствуется, что нужно что-нибудь изменить.

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