Comic: “You’re Not Cool”

August 25, 2009
Comic:  “You’re Not Cool”

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Pretty excited to give that new game a spin. Hearing nothing but awesome things about it. Even some early talk of Game of The Year sort of stuff. I guess I will find out when I play it, but either way it gave me a fun basis for today’s comic. Enjoy!

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  1. kieran winstone says:

    dude can you stop these cat and dog comics

  2. jt_bombtrak says:

    Whatever, I like the critter comics. So “dude” you can stop the trolling.

    I picked up my copy of B:AA at Toys’r’Us. Got a $30 giftcard (as a Rewards member) and used my $20 giftcard from buying Ghostbusters there on it. So basically it was $10. Nice….

  3. EBaron says:

    I like it!! As with all of your comics. They’re quite entertaining shorts that make my day go by faster. Thank you. And I agree with the batman character.

  4. Remolay says:

    I’d get Arkham Asylum, but I am pretty sure that it is not available for the mac (Thanks to TransGaming cider it may be if it is available for PC)
    But I got sims 3, so I am happy, I’d be insulted if I didn’t think both games are awesome

  5. I love the cat and dog comics as well. And since it’s Scott’s comic, he can do whatever the heck he wants.

  6. Remolay says:

    I just looked back at the first one and thought “Did Scott really do that?”

  7. Silviar says:

    Haha, I don’t know who couldn’t like Jake and Jeff.

  8. TJ says:

    Is this the first time the dog has talked? I don’t remember him having any dialogue before.

  9. Wobbel says:

    Jeff is awsome

  10. Steve-FWIW says:

    Made me laugh!

  11. Cris says:

    Good, stuff. . . can’t wait try the Batman. However I play like Batman and The Sims, what does that make me? 🙂

  12. bezgo says:

    I want a sims headpiece like that…

  13. Level1Alt says:

    EA is stuck in 1999, why do i need the game DVD inside to play it? That requirement alone is worth pirating it = /

  14. virgowall says:

    Dude, you better not stop with Jeff! Or I’ll call Jeff to strangle you! 😛 Lol…kids and wieners.

  15. Foolish Chaos says:

    Been playing this game for like 4 hours. SO AWESOME.

    Also it is coming for the PC Sept. 15 or something. Not a huge wait.

  16. i am NINJA says:

    wow man, i so love your work!

    if you ever stop, i will have to hop on a kangaroo and come stalk you until you start again….wait….what?

  17. Desdemina says:

    I think I now have my Halloween costume for this year. I’m going as a SIM!

  18. Beeface says:

    You should’ve left out the dialogue on the last panel and just had the mood diamond on his head changed to red

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