Comic: “Worst Fountain Ever”

October 1, 2009
Comic:  “Worst Fountain Ever”

About this comic

Chalk this one up to a dream I had last weekend. No idea what it means, but I figured I’d deal with it by making a comic about it. Win lose or draw!

38 Responses to Comic: “Worst Fountain Ever”

  1. Lotak says:

    This made me laugh harder than it probably had any right to.

  2. El Fnord says:

    Newsflash: dreams don’t mean shit.

    • Hmmm… I can’t tell you on how many levels you’re wrong here. I guess I’ll point you to entire professions around studying dreams that require PHD’s to start though.

      • El Fnord says:

        They’re the brain’s uncontrolled digestion of past events (in a nutshell). I was referring to the notion that dreams ‘mean something’ as in ‘Oh god, I had a dream about a car accident, I better stay off the road today’.

  3. lawrence says:

    yet funniest of all.

  4. Moobie says:

    <3 it! 😀

  5. S says:

    What’s the problem with this fountain?
    I have seen water coming out of eyes, ears, mouths, breast, penises and every other hole you can imagine of th human body. The creaters of fountains where very creative about this kind of stuff. Still like the way the boy looks

  6. Brian says:

    I love how the water curves even more than required into the pond, really looks the the statue is loosing his lunch

  7. MoonSpook says:

    Actually, this is fairly accurate. Roman orgies (not just of sex, but of food also) would often be to the extent where they would eat a huge amount of food and drink and, once unable to eat anymore, would regurgitate the contents of their stomach so they could resume eating.

    /boggle 🙂

    • I was going to add that they even had a room for it called a vomitarium, but I just checked it on wikipedia and apparently that’s a myth.

      • TechGeekGirl says:

        Actually, they did have Vomitoriums , but they aren’t what you think. They were not rooms in which to vomit, they were the hallways in the colluseums that were used to move a large crowd of people quickly into the street. Vomit here simply means to evacuate quickly, not puke.

  8. Mattefjonkan says:

    What do you mean with worst, its amazing i love it!!!

  9. FiendishThingy says:

    Best Fountain EVER!

  10. DoggySpew says:

    Well, it is better then the one where it comes out the other end.

    • Awa says:

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  11. Acky says:

    So… That would be Bacchus, then? 😀

  12. Betablocker says:

    Bluto and Ogre’s forefather

  13. snker says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  14. Jessika says:

    Awesome Scott! I really like this one!

  15. Brandano says:

    Just look up Duchamp’s fountain, and his “ready made”

  16. BoredomBoy says:

    That is awesome. It reminds me of my bachelor party.

  17. snw says:

    Haha what great freaken comic. Hi-five!

  18. Darrell says:

    I’m guessing you had that dream after watching a movie. After all, there’s barfing in every movie.

  19. J. Cesar jr. says:

    When you dream, you interact with your subconscious, which makes no sense. So subconsciously you might have picked up this small info somewhere on the Romans and their supposed vomitoriums.

    So shall we say dinner at your place then? lol

    vomitoriums on yahoo

  20. Joel says:

    I believe this symbolizes humanities, eventual, disgust at temporary, worldly possessions. It’s a beautiful display of one who appears to have everything, but realizes he’s missed the entire point of life and is sick to his stomach at his wasted (futile) efforts to attain a pseudo-happy life. How can someone attain all their is in this life, but still be disappointed? Obviously, he’s discovered there was more to live for and his soul is rejecting what he’s been feeding it over the past 30 years (he prematurely went bald. Probably due to stress and hat wearing).

    Or maybe you should stop eating pickles and peanut better right before you go to bed.

  21. bezgo says:

    Scott Johnson redefines wet dreams.

  22. Brian Duff says:

    I’m just glad that’s the more appropriate orafice for the water to be gushing out of. Because from anyone who’s had bad Mexican food can tell you, there’s some unhappy memories sitting on the throne of shame…..

  23. Steve-FWIW says:

    Good job, I’m also digging the coloring.

  24. Lady Phoenix says:

    Looks like it’s simply a reflection of the reality of Roman partying! 🙂 Binge and purge!

  25. Savage says:

    Puke fountain FTW!

  26. Eric says:

    Isn’t that just a fountain equivalent of a gargoyle?

    Or… is spending too much time doing Brewfest dalies influencing your dreams? (This statue should totally be at the next Brewfest. Sell the idea to Blizzard.)

  27. Razor2260 says:

    Love IT!!!

  28. Does anyone know what kind of brush he uses in photoshop to get that really sharp look?

  29. This is nice image Scott i like it.This is not a Worth Fountain Ever for my view i like its very nice.

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