Comic: “Whoops”

March 11, 2010
Comic:  “Whoops”

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Pretty excited about Portal 2. Hoping the multiplayer / coop allows for me to screw with my buddy. 🙂

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  1. Roland says:

    It’ll most likely be two colours for you, and two other colours for your mate.

  2. Chris says:

    Still, the fun of creating a portal right under a sentry gun will be even better with a real person.

  3. Ink Asylum says:

    It could also be just orange and blue for both players. If player one shoots a blue then player two shoots one it replaces the first, just like in single player. Either way it’ll be awesome.

  4. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    The excitement of Supper Mario Bros. mechanics now added to Portal.

  5. White667 says:

    I am 100% putting my “partner” into a portal loop.

  6. Robert Allen says:

    Those guns reminds me of the ones in Fifth Element.

  7. davidcorbin says:

    Haha I love the expression used in the 3rd panel. Perfect.

  8. BRian Duff says:

    You know there should be some really cool ads related to Portal 2. Office place shenanigans, where you make a portal to the breakroom… or to a pool-side in Hawaii. It’s gonna be some fun stuff.

  9. tnfreak says:


  10. Izrun says:

    Your comic reminds me of Spy vs. Spy. Awesome!

  11. Chuck says:

    I literally laughed out loud here in work. That caught me in just the right way.
    I hadn’t heard about the multiplayer aspect of it, but I am beyond excited for this aspect.

  12. Ricky says:

    Hahaha yes this is awesome! I love how mashed he is in the last panel

    • Akanksha says:

      Newt Gingrich ROCKED at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. So did all the speakers. Go watch the on C-Span and you won’t regert it. I’ve been very critical of Newt, especially as far as New York 23 was concerned. He is beginning to redeem himself now.

  13. rather fantastic battle! or fantastical?

    • Andrei says:

      Killed this circuit this mrniong Highhorse. Im still recovering from shattering lower back ( 15 pins and plates from my L1 to my L5) did 2 sets with a min break in between then a quick 20 min jog to finish up. YUTTTTTT!!!

  14. Ciaran Rooney says:

    🙂 Nice one Scott keep it up

  15. nergon says:

    Lol, nice! This was a triumph. 😉

  16. Stephanie says:

    Omg, LMAO!!!

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