Comic: “Who Does That?”

November 19, 2009
Comic:  “Who Does That?”

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It honestly blows my mind that people can play with inverted controls. Old flight sim habits or something?

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  1. Yeah I get so confused when trying now it but I can’t remember if I used to play like that with the old classics like Goldeneye.

  2. Yit says:

    I used to, since I was raised on flight simulators. I have since been weened off it.

  3. TheChao says:

    I would say “flight sim habits” since in that case, its hard to play it without inversion when you have a joystick. (and who plays flight sims without a joystick?)

    but now im thinking, who would be playing a FPS with a joystick?

  4. KDubs85 says:

    Carry over from Goldeneye. Took forever to get weened off the “Legacy” thumbstick settings on Halo. (Thanks, TF2!!)

  5. jt_bombtrak says:

    I’m weird. I started playing Xwing and other flight sims, so got used to inverting. That translated to inverting for mouse/keyboard on FPS’s like Jedi Knight, Quake, etc.

    However, on console games, I used to play inverted, but suddenly a year or so ago, it started messing with me. So I switched to normal on console games, and all is good with the world.

  6. Brown says:

    I’m more amazed by people who DON’T use inverted controls on a console. YOU’RE THE WEIRD ONE!

    • lolzer says:

      lol sounds to me like you the one fucked up in the head dumbass retarded baby

    • Lolzer is the retarded baby and also the son of a retard. I also use the inverted controls and think its weird when people dont. BTW “Brown” you have the most awesome avatar ever. KHAAAAAN!!

  7. Biff says:

    There were a few games that were backward back in the day. There’s since been a logical improvement.

  8. Deatheragenator says:

    I do when I play on one of the consoles (not the Wii).

  9. White667 says:

    I guess it’s just all the older games.
    StarFox, etc… xD

    Now days I don’t invert, but I do remember I used to always get confused switching from inverted to normal constantly. Timesplitters, I had to change the defult.

  10. DasFamous says:

    allways played with inverted (when it comes to thirdperson and flying games) dunbno why but it just feels right :3

  11. haha – I feel exactly the opposite. And, yes it must be the flight sims.

    On another note: Did you have to turn the drawing upside down to draw the head, or did you do the whole thing right side up?

  12. Critic says:

    There are two reasons why people use inverted. One is if you play flight simulators. That one pretty much explains itself.

    The other is if you think of the joystick as an analog for the neck of your game character. When your neck goes back, you look up. When it goes forwards, you look down. People who don’t use inverted are normally concentrating on the cursor rather than body mechanics. I feel inverted is more immersive for that reason, but I swing either way since I had to learn to shoot on both styles.

    • Punkrawk Bbob says:

      I agree with you. Just makes sense from a pivot standpoint for me. Imagine a seesaw. You lift up on the one side, the other side goes down. I’ve always had in my head that the camera is suspended on a crane like in the movies I guess. So when I want to look down at something, I raise the camera up. On the flipside, I move the the camera down in order to look up at things.

      Just the way my brain is wired. Sorry I offended you with my freakish ways, Scott. For the history report, grew up console gaming, did a few Jedi Knight games and Battlefield 1942 / Battlefield 2, and Max Payne on the PC. Not sure where I picked up the invert along the way.

  13. dethmunky says:

    I only found out recently that people think inverted controls are weird. I honestly don’t remember why I started inverting. It just seems like the logical way to play shooters. I honestly can’t comprehend playing without being inverted.

  14. Shawn Coons says:

    Non-inverters are an abomination and must be purged. All hail inverting.

  15. PilgriM says:

    Inverted all the way!!!!

    I blame flight sims I played a lot when I first started gaming, feels weird to not have it inverted, I can deal with non inverted after about 5-10 minutes but next time I play an FPS I will have the same issue ovr again unless I invert.

    I use the default settings on console games but I don’t feel much similarity between the controller & mouse/keyboard so it doesn’t trouble me…

  16. FiendishThingy says:

    Descent was the game that got me into that (long broken) habit. That’s a franchise that needs to be revived.

  17. PaperEffigy says:

    I’ve only ever played with inverted controls/camera. Everyone I know thinks it’s weird, but playing with normal controls just feels bizarre. XD

  18. Lord Ebo says:

    Inverted. I played RPGs, strategy, and Jet Fighter when I first started gaming. Jet Fighter was the only one where you moved the camera with the controls (keypad in my case, no joystick) and so I was already programmed for looking that way when I got into FPS’s. Don’t play FPS as much anymore, but I spend far too much time looking at my feet and running into walls unless I invert.

  19. Tolwyn says:

    Who said or determined which way is “correct?” I don’t use WASD, either.

    Flight Sims, Descent, etc…. Push mouse away, nose goes down. Push yoke, nose goes down.

    FPS: Push mouse away, you look up.

    Seems logical to me.

  20. symmet says:

    Well, I’m weird so I play inverted on all console games but keep it normal when using a mouse.

  21. Marcus says:

    Invert FTW!

    Try this: Put you hand on you mouse.. and lean forward… in what direction does the mouse travel? Thats right it move up thus proving that it’s the non iverters that are strange.

  22. Push forward to go down, pull back to go up. That’s how my airplane works, why should FPS be different? Seems to me it’s the GAME DEVELOPERS who have inverted the controls. Illiterate boobs probably never read a pilot’s manual in their lives.

    • RippDrive says:

      I didn’t know pilot manuals where a logical reading choice of those in the video game industry. I should know, I’ve read dozens of forklift operating instructions!

  23. McClain142 says:

    Hours and hours of playing StarFox, and a few computer sims, left me an inverter.

  24. LeLoup says:

    If it’s first person (ie fps, flight sim, wherever else) I always want my controls inverted, but if it’s 3rd person I use them normal. I don’t know why, but that’s just what feels natural. The bigger question is why do some games have horizontal inverters?!?!

    • Punkrawk Bbob says:

      In Japan, the horizontal is done opposite of America. Probably due to reading in the opposite direction as Americans. Either way, that’s the origin of having the X axis flip choice. Makes games easier to distribute globally.

      Try playing FFXII. You’ll be willing to kill a man for the option to invert the X axis. It’s so hard to get used to.

  25. DrOswald says:

    I play inverted whenever I use a controller or joystick, but I play normal on a mouse. for me, it has to do with how you hold a gun. If a joystick (or analog stick) represents the grip of the gun, pushing it forward is actually equivalent of pointing the gun at the floor. That seems natural enough to me. The mouse has no direct comparison to an actual gun, so I revert to moving the cursor (cross hair) to the correct location on the screen, so I play normal.

  26. Hahahaha, I still do that too. I bet it is from old Goldeneye.

  27. Tormy says:

    I always invert. Prolly cause the first FPS I played was goldeneye. I use to think that it was weird that games were not set to inverted controls then started noticing more and more people looking at me weird when when I switch to inverted. I still say that Im the normal one tho and the rest of the world is weird

  28. Benjamin says:

    Freaky comic, nice 🙂

    As for inverted, not me; I’m wacky enough in that I play Southpaw controls, even though I’m right handed… anyone else with me, or did I just play Goldeneye too much?

  29. Jimmy says:

    Seriously? I thought everyone inverted FPSs?

  30. Iserguy says:

    Yeah, i never did any flight sims growing up, but i guess it might be from goldeneye and such shooters back in the day, but i didnt even play those very much, but now adays i always have to have it inverted, i dunno, just makes more sense to me…

  31. Malone says:

    I made the switch for standard to inverted on PC a while back. I have always played inverted on consoles.

    After playing standard control on PC since I can remember I wanted to see what the appeal was with inverted. After a few days I was hooked, once you train your brain to work the other way around I find it makes the game feel more immerse.

    I think the reason it works for me is because with a real firearm if you want to aim up, you don’t move the muzzle up, you maintain your grip on the weapon and control your aim with your upper body, not your arms.

    Aim up, lean back, pull back.
    Aim down, lean forward, push forward.

    • Blessing says:

      After giving birth for my first born last 2008, hindi na ako suakamy sa mga ganitong rides. Humina na ang loob ko, LOL! My husband on the other hand experienced riding this when we went there last 2008. And he loved it. Our next stop Enchanted Kingdom.

  32. Critic says:

    Seems that Scott is the true freak of nature after all

  33. Chris says:

    FPS… imagine a stick coming out of the back of your head and someone operating your head (oh just go with it). Do they push it forward to make your head look up… or do they pull it back ?

    Of course there’s the flight game explanation…

  34. Triarii says:

    I have to play inverted on console, but can’t on PC. I’m a bit weird like that. Lol.

  35. Geckomayhem says:

    I used to, back in the day. These days, it just seems natural to play PC games with right-way-up controls. It didn’t take much to get used to not playing inverted, either. It used to make sense to be flight-control oriented, but now… either I’m getting too old to worry or it just makes more sense to move your mouse pointer to where you want to shoot, and BLAM.

  36. Jabor says:

    If the majority of the world started playing “inverted”, would it still be called that?

  37. Ringo says:

    I do. Its carry-over from Goldeneye for the N64 for me. The controls just make more sense to me that way.

  38. Masterwabbit says:

    I’m a split kind of person. When it comes to shooting things via ground unit with a gun, It’s normal controls for me. As soon as I step into a plane or anything that flies, I have it so it goes into inverted mode. I dunno, I could be the only person who does this sort of thing.

    • Dana says:

      jay-do you see narrow qrs comlxepes at slower rates and then wider comlxepes at higher rates in preexcited afib? i can understand why pathways may not conduct at higher rates than lower rates, but i am not sure why the reverse should occur? why would the pathway suddenly start to conduct?

  39. JP says:

    I can’t understand people who can deal with non-inverted controls. I guess it might be a split between old and new gamers? Logically, in an FPS what I’m moving is ‘my’ head. And when I move my head forwards, I look down – so that’s what a game had better do as well when I move the mouse/stick!

    I genuinely would have to dump a game that doesn’t provide the option for inverted (and it makes no sense to me that it’s not the default, and forward for camera up isn’t the freak option!)

  40. GeeZeR_FroG says:

    hey you leave my inverted controls alone and any flight game still is better inverted. and when you switch in between like Starwars Battlefronts 2 its best to stick with on gaming style

  41. Tomas says:

    In my view, non-inverted is the odd way of doing it. You’re using the same input method to navigate in a limited cartesian space (Windows) as you do in a polar coordinate system (fps).

  42. Karlotius says:

    Inverted controls here.
    Reason: The very first games you could play from 1st person where flight simulator – press down, nose goes up. It just stuck.
    And its also a logical thing: If you move the camere (think 3rd person here) down, your view goes up.
    Funny that people shout at each other even for an argument that insignificant 😀

  43. SchwarzerPrinz says:

    I guess people just like to shout at each other, the existence of an argument is no necessary condition for that. 😉
    Inverted controls over here, too. I’m not quite sure why, though. Flight Sims might indeed be an explanation, but why are flight controls tuned to pitch up on pulling the stick? Because back in aerial history you needed the strength of your back to apply some serious positive Gs, while you never want to apply a lot of negative Gs.
    Anyway, i’ve got an alternative for you:
    Think about how you move your very own head: In order to look left or right, you yaw it to your left or right shoulder. But you pitch it backwards in order to look up and vice versa.
    So in my opinion the inverted controls are a more natural way to control your game.

  44. Gaevs says:

    Well, i use inverted too, but not for the flight sims, but from camera usage.. if you use a tripod for the camera, going down is up, going up is down, that’s all, it feels natural.

  45. sph says:


    …there are people NOT playing inverted? 0_0

    depends on the game, but playing FPS only works with inverted y-axis. for me.

  46. Rezlow says:

    Depends; for targetting it always feels like a mouse cusor to me, so I go with non-inverted… (non-inverted sounds funny to me). But if I’m steering a plane, I like forward to push the nose down.

  47. Mauro says:

    I suppose that, since flight sims were the first games with a first person or third person point of view back in the day, I got accustomed to inverted controls…… There were a few games that did not have the invert option (mainly in the beginning of 3D gaming) and that was a deal breaker to me…. never played any of those for more than a couple of minutes.

    Inverted for ever!

  48. Icyclectic says:

    When I look up in real life, my head – and by extension, my body – tilts backwards. I map this instinctively to moving the mouse downward.
    And no, I wouldn’t mind having a reverted Y on my desktop as well. But I can live with that – desktop is 2D, game is 3D.

  49. Roxtar says:

    I started out gaming on flight sims in the late 80s. my first FPS experience was Wolfenstein 3d, which left me as a keyboard only gamer for the longest time. it took me forever to get swapped onto mouse control when playing jedi knight and i always use the inverted y axis. definitely a hold-over from my early gaming in flight sims (ms flight simulator, tie fighter, x-wing, red baron, wing commander, etc)

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