Comic: “What’s mime is yours”

June 2, 2009
Comic:  “What’s mime is yours”

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This is all of course in reference to the new 360 motion camera thing they announced at E3 yesterday.

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  1. SpookyPeanut says:



    i love it – nice job,

    i haven’t heard this news.. what’s the basic idea?

  2. Dol says:

    multiple cameras capturing a wide range of movement

    • Charles says:

      susan logie – Chris and I were married 7 years. People gave up anskig us the when question. We didn’t even know! Now I know they weren’t trying to be pests, they just enjoyed parenting so much, they wanted it for us as well. (most of them did)We love our 5, I wish I was younger I would have another. Having a family has been the making of me.I never noticed kids much, then I had nephews and nieces and a new kind of love grew in my heart, for them, and it gushed out to strangers kids. I just love kids. I love their faces, expressions, voices, questions, eagerness to explore. I have added your Tatum to my list of best kid faces~she is a gem. So are you.I must add, it will be a glorious day when I see your belly swell and know that you & Ade are on the threshold of a great adventure in love.

  3. Zu says:

    Actually it was an israeli company they bought.

    They were developing hte camera for games and videoconferencing

  4. Doctorsoul says:

    Chop chop! Mime is money!

  5. Albert says:

    lol nice doctorsoul

  6. Eric says:

    Are you planning a 365-day desk calendar of your past stuff (or at least a non-repeating random button/Random-RSS) on the site? EXTRALIFE is a modern The Far Side with technology and games as the focus instead of science and nature. 🙂 Since Larson ain’t doin’ the calendar thang any more, I’ve been missing my one-a-day dose of funny.

  7. Shaymus22 says:

    Why haven’t I heard about this? I never hear about these things until it’s already being parodied anymore.

  8. DopeSamurai says:

    Heh heh, love it!

    Shaymus, this be the magical news from E3!

    from the demonstration I saw it looked awesome and was really quick with the facial/voice/object/gesture…..Yeah, pretty much everykind of recognition out there.

    I can see them having this in future games as away to solve puzzles in a different way rather than using the controller. Think of drawing a symbol on a piece of paper and showing it to the camera so that a door unlocks or something along those lines. Would have to be an alternative control method or it will just restrict those without the “natal”…

  9. With a name like Microsoft, it wouldn’t be surprising if some pre-teen has already figured out how to hack it and broadcast pictures of your naked self skiing in the “privacy” of your own home!

  10. virgowall says:


  11. DoggySpew says:

    The mime, silent but absolutely terrifying.
    (Bet this will be next years 56 “something” theme)

  12. Reign says:

    I dont get it could someone explain this one to me.

  13. Interesting… Thanks. But what sign on novelties of the news?

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