Comic: “What’s in a name?”

March 18, 2009
Comic: “What’s in a name?”

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I just can’t figure out where “SyFy” and it’s brain are coming from, but I guess I owe them for a little inspiration.

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  1. Craazy says:

    Genius! I might buy a print of this one…it’s that good!

  2. Joe says:

    Haha, this one was REALLY good Scott. Keep em’ up.

  3. Ribonucleic says:

    Hahaha!!! This has been the best one of your comics in a while! I was really laughing out loud. I love the bee yes part. Keep up the good work Scott!

  4. Moobie says:

    Excellent! 😀

  5. wonder6oy says:

    MTV = Empty V

    lol – Good one! 🙂

  6. Precious Roy says:


    But, I think this idea is dumb. I thought the channel’s name came from Science Fiction and not just a string of sounds. But maybe they feel like the need to change the name since all of their programming is not Sci Fi anymore, i.e. ECW.

    If that is the case, I support the idea and I wish the “History” channel would do the same thing.

  7. Raingod says:

    They just write themselves, some days, don’t they?

  8. Kane says:

    SyFy is an abbreviation of an abbreviation. A very dumb one of course.

  9. Sandy J says:

    I read an article about the title change and I cried a little. Then I cried a lot.

    It’ll always be SciFi in my heart.

    Awesome comic, Scott. Many a chuckle and glare from co-workers.

  10. randy says:

    very clever, gold star for you scott!

  11. Clayton says:

    best comic yet. well done scott

  12. Cantonkid says:

    Great comic! I just hope other forms of geek tv don’t follow suit. I’m looking at you Gee Fore TV. 😉

  13. Coldalarm says:

    You have the Sci-Fi channel over there? Wonder if it’s the same as what we have in the UK. It runs Eli Stone and Medium, and all sorts.

    Those names would certainly look better in the listings 😀

  14. mAk_PL says:

    lol, “Syfy” means “zits” in Polish 😀

  15. Fluberwinter says:

    I love the Focks. Reminds me of my teacher: ” Fock-us Children!”

  16. Lwn says:

    It’s a simple business decision… you can’t Trademark “Sci Fi”, so you can’t really brand it. I think they could have done better than “SyFy”, personally, but at least there’s a real reason for it.

  17. Titan says:

    Excellent one, Scott.

  18. geljamin says:

    EXCELLENT! [high five]

  19. Scott says:

    Thanks, guys! Always glad to hear when I get it right. 🙂

  20. Melanie1001 says:

    Definitely QFT – I heard about this change and it made me throw up in my mouth a little – I can accept that business wise they needed to make a change to something they could truly call their own and trademark but this? Who the frack thought this was a good idea and what the frack were they on at the time? We’re not doing enough to kill the network with these horrendously crappy tv movies we keep coming out with and the inane wrestling – let’s alienate completely our core audience and create a non-geeky logo, run away from the geekly folks that have kept us afloat all this time. Cause it’s surely not geeks that are all over BSG is it? No lets go mainstream, where we will dilute our content to where nobody wants to watch it!

    It’s bad enough already SciFi – I already hardly watch your network…where I used to watch so frequently…


  21. Asterix says:

    You hit it again with a sniper like accuracy! Clever and funny – good job Scott. This web comic is one of my favorites. Thx.

  22. Rico says:

    Cool comic Scott. Oh Melanie – the word is spelled, frak. It’s not frack.

  23. james says:

    John Scalzi pointed out yesterday that in Polish “syfy” is a slang term for STDs.
    Note to Syfy execs: if you’re going to alienate geeks, don’t give us ammunition like this.

  24. prion says:

    i can’t even buy it as a business decision…the words they can’t trademark but the old saturn logo has been a recognizable trademark for 20 years or so.
    I can’t help but think they are actually trying to kill the channel.

  25. Eric says:

    Their kindergarten kids came home from school and told the parents (the execs) that they spelled it syinz fyxshun in leet speek and that it was cool.

    SciFi’s support was at EoL anyway. The fact that it now has Syfy (syphilis) in its final days is just the result of it raging against its upcoming death by whoring itself out to every two-bit film hustler who wants an explosion in their movie.

  26. Zorbane says:

    Wow great comic, this is one of your best.

    Empty V is gold.

  27. Lifeisaglitch says:

    Stupid Focks… 😀 Keep it up.

  28. LMAO! You nailed it, Scott.
    If it were a trademark issue, they should have gone with SFC, or “The SFC.”
    Then again, it would be Sucky Fried Chicken to us. 😉

  29. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Love It!!!

  30. ThePenciler says:

    See bee, yes? 😀

  31. Grant says:

    LMFAO! Great Scott, ….Scott!

  32. Fjonan says:

    Well, have you read the current PennyArcade : ) who stole from whome here?

  33. ScottyD says:

    Another one of my Favorites. I will have to get a copy. Thanks Scott!

  34. Scott says:

    @Fjonan – Couple things:

    A: I completed the comic Monday morning. PA did theirs yesterday afternoon, which I watched Mike create live on uStream.

    B: The jokes about the topic are not even close to each other.

    C: There is no C.

  35. Eric says:

    I dunno, Scott. They both have two guys, both guys have hair, and the two comics both have the word “is” in them. 😛 I guess it could depend on what your definition of is is, though. 😛

    I am kidding of course.

  36. Majere says:

    It’s interesting how this has sent a short of shockwave around pretty much every site I frequent- PennyArcade, Aint It Cool, etc. Don’t think I’ve yet heard one person actually say they like it. I suppose that at the very least SyFy(tm) have generated some publicity, even if it’s the sort of publicity one usually generates by running down the street wearing nothing but a colander shouting “The broccoli is coming! The broccoli is coming!”

    Oh, and glad to see I’m not the only one to have adopted ‘Frak’ for everyday usage. Between BSG and 2000AD, it’s amazing the sort of skev you can get away with calling some money-funster without them knowing what the drokk you’re on about 🙂

  37. You forgot pee el aye why bee oh why.
    Perhaps Disq-ovary.

  38. Melanie1001 says:

    @Rico Doh! you’re right! got carried away with my letters there 🙂

  39. Clive says:

    Definitely my favorite comic that you’ve done in a long time. Very good Scott 😀

  40. Jason says:

    You got a winner here Scott…brilliant comic!!

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