Comic: “War without end…”

July 23, 2009
Comic:  “War without end…”

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Still out of town, but a new comic anyway! Did this before I left. Actually, I am typing this before I left! WEIRD! I can time travel! The comic in question.

10 Responses to Comic: “War without end…”

  1. TheElusiveSam says:

    Ah, the poor, foolish dog; will he never learn?

    I have a chocolate Labrador who has had this exact thing occur on THREE separate occasions, and never once has he considered that the next cat might be just as unfriendly as the previous one… *sigh*

  2. D. Ebdrup says:

    To quote Fallout:
    War. War never changes.

  3. virgowall says:

    /pity Jeff

  4. joceekym says:

    cats dogs horde alliance its all the same

  5. Darrell says:

    That cat creeps me out. I would never call a truce with it.
    I hope we get more battles featuring these two. 🙂

  6. saz says:

    big fat huge LOL. this is my favorite. ;D

  7. Moobie says:

    Hugs for Jeff!

  8. Jordy says:

    I just love the look of complete and utter surprise in that last panel. Ace work

  9. Asterix says:

    As a token of my appreciation I clicked on one of your website ads. Imagine if everyone did that now… You might even be able to afford a butler 🙂 Btw, I never got your answer about QuakeCon… Now that you have become an Internet celebrity you might also want to hire an agent to handle requests from mere mortals like myselft :-).

  10. Asterix says:

    I posted in a wrong blog thread :(… This was meant to go under the new forum upgrade. Funny cartoon by the way. This is one of my favorites.

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