Comic: “Unfortunate Power”

May 26, 2009
Comic:  “Unfortunate Power”

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Having a little fun at Logan’s expense.

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  1. Keefe says:

    Lol, nice! So HE’S the walrus…

  2. Nomadigin says:

    I’m sure you know this but for everyone else: his blades aren’t his mutant power. Its his ability to rapidly heal that makes him a mutant. Otherwise he’s just a guy with a steel skeleton and he’d bleed to death the first time he used his blades.

    • the doctor says:

      I’m sure you realize this…well actually I guess you don’t. The fact that you said that means you obviously don’t pay much attention to the story of Wolverine. I mean, you got the healing factor right. However, the claws are also part of his power. The claws were originally bone up until the point that Weapon X got a hold of him and coated his skeleton in Adamentium, turning them into razor sharp blades and not just pointy claws made from his own bone. Pwnd

  3. Darrell says:

    The Walrus, Koo-koo-achoo.
    I wonder if the Beatles were involved.

  4. WeirdTiger says:

    LOL Adamantium noes hair is virtually indestructible.

  5. Brian Duff says:

    What I would be worried about, is how he got Adamantium claws to come out of his nose? Those must be some serious nose hairs before he absorbed the metal…

  6. Pontus says:

    I’m sure you know this but for everyone else: his blades aren’t his mutant power. Its his ability to rapidly heal that makes him a mutant. Otherwise he’s just a guy with a steel skeleton and he’d bleed to death the first time he used his blades.

    come on now… don’t be an wiseass. let the children believe what they want to believe.

    btw, nice comic (Y)

  7. Ceiynt says:

    Well, the super healing, as well as being able to eject bone out of his hands, which was useful for about nothing. Those bones were then covered with adamantium, thus making him awesome. He has “two” mutant powers.

    On a side note, it’s better then when I sneeze, half my brain comes out in liquid green form, stupid hay fever.

  8. Torian says:

    Nope you’re wrong Nomadigin

    Logans mutation includes his claws. They are only covered in adamantium beneath the metal it is all bone.

    Btw. Great comic

  9. Scott says:

    Torian is correct.

  10. Izaak says:

    I bet it feels horrible to have spike based sinus congestion.

  11. Cerv says:

    That would be the second worst place where you can have claws.. And I Agree with Torian, he has 2 powers first would be the healing factor and and connected to it would be his claws or “animal” like personality, if he didn’t have his healing he would not be able to have the claws.. I think of this two abilities as complementary .. is how evolution works..or something like that..

  12. The Doc says:

    Is this another of Deadpool’s powers? Nose claws? Seriously, the movie kinda ruined Deadpool for me.

  13. Torian says:

    I’m correct especially with the second part, right 😉

    He’s got more powers. His claws, the healing factor and the increased senses. So at least three.

    @The Doc
    The movie was ok. Just do the same thing I did, pretending that it’s such a coincidence that the movie Deadpool has the same name as the Deadpool from the comics.

  14. Dranalore says:

    You know….with great power comes great responsibility……..but i am not sure what his responsibility would be :).

  15. Cerv says:

    I just figure this guys does not need healing factor he wont pierce his nose there is a hole in there already.
    I figure the increased senses and the claws were part of one power.. which I like to call animal like stuff…

  16. Cerv says:

    Apparently his powers include:
    * Toxin and Disease Resistance
    * Stamina
    * Reflexes
    * Natural Weapons
    * Hearing
    * Healing Factor
    * Enhanced Senses
    * Endurance
    * Durability
    * Animal Oriented Powers
    * Aging
    * Agility

    I find it weird that X23 does not have all those powers, knowing she is his clone… and one of my favorite characters along with agent x, deadpool and taskmaster, now if only she was a member of agency X.. but well.. better stop ranting.. Info got it from:

  17. Pete says:

    Love it!

  18. Scott says:

    I could use more endurance. 🙂

  19. scott says:

    Great comic, and deadpool is awesome. i hope if they do a deadpool movie that it would be better quality of deadpool, plus its his jokes that makes him great.

    • Vivek says:

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  20. mercator says:

    Let’s hope he never eats too many beans…

    That would be truly unfortunate!

  21. Gustavo says:

    Following the completely geeky conversation, I always though his enhanced senses was something that he trained to have. Kind of like a blind man has enhanced hearing and sense of smell. Also the agility and endurance: not part of his powers but something he trained to have.

    Part of my knowledge of the character comes from a time when his power didn’t include giant needles coming out of his hands, so I guess I could be wrong or outdated…

  22. Savage says:

    Does Wolverine sneeze? If he has healing powers, he wouldn’t get sick and I imagine he doesn’t get allergies. Would pepper make him sneeze? Find a comic with him sneezing and I’ll stop wondering.

  23. Cerv says:

    *Maybe some spoilers be careful when reading.

    If you take a look at Wolverine origin (Jenkins, Quesada, Jemas, Kubert .. who else am I forgetting?) it is shown that he has some sort of Animal Oriented powers, sense of smell, hearing etc… plus the claws if you are an animal you gotta have claws. That was before Weapon X an all that, when he was living with rose in the mining field and his powers just… appeared.. You can say that from the agility and endurance, as well as stamina yet he has those developed into a level beyond any “normal” human could train those senses that could be connected to his healing factor, meaning he doesn’t get tired that easy because of it, therefore train harder and longer… I Believe that Deadpool is a great example of this, he is no mutant, he was a Merc one hell of a Merc we must add, he was what I see as “powerless yet not normal humans in the comic world” Batman would be a great example of this, once he got mutated because of Weapon X then he was able to not only train beyond this levels but to complement what he already had with his accelerated healing factor which is his only “real” power the rest comes with this one..

    Now as for Deadpool movie version… I must say this:
    1. Ryan Reynolds as Wade …. perfect and the shooting part… just WOW.. plus we must be reminded that back then he didn’t had any powers.. so that was his “normal” being.
    2. Swords in the hand… I kinda can live with that, only if you think of those as “removed” later on the story, because well he was an experiment after all.
    3.The name deadpool and him being weapon XI…….. just kill the guy who though of that.
    4. Teleportation, yeah I can take that, this even though is not a Deadpool power, is a constant ability in the comic, cable and deadpool, that device weasel did, and now what he stole from osborn.
    5.Laser eyes……. just.. don’t.. don’t ever ever ever do that again plus how come he has those eyes and cyclops still have his eyes, didn’t they took out cyclops eyes and put them into him… the only semi good thing was when they burn those eyes.. now if they don’t put the freaking mask on his stand alone movie I am going to L.A and shoot people..

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