Comic: “Undead Cheap”

April 13, 2009
Comic:  “Undead Cheap”

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What can I tell you? On a zombie kick lately. So there’s this.

10 Responses to Comic: “Undead Cheap”

  1. Hoodoo says:

    Am I to read that Burger King sells human flesh? Interesting… I wondered why the food always tasted funny.

  2. Merchenary says:

    Charbroiled human flesh, Hoodoo. Charbroiled.

  3. Now if only the pet store would stock brains next to the live mice and crickets!

  4. binaryspiral says:

    Zombies are great topics. Loved the podcast discussion last week…

  5. Cantonkid says:

    Perhaps, he does not want to eat at Burger King….but he wants to eat ‘the’ Burger King…eh, no big loss, the King always creeped me out.

  6. Maslow says:

    Wow, this made me laugh very hard at work. I would like to request more Zombies at Rummage sales material please. I don’t know why, but that is very amusing to me.

  7. Psygnius says:

    Scott! Please watch Fido, the zombie movie, your comic reminded me of it.

  8. Bob Johnson says:

    I was totally like wtf then I read the fernando need burger king. I think I woke up my neighbors from laughing so hard.

  9. Zorbane says:

    I love the expression on the poor chap who bought the zombie

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