Comic: “These guys talk…a lot!”

November 9, 2009
Comic:  “These guys talk…a lot!”

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Having a little fun at the expense of Dragon Age, which I actually like quite a bit, but you have to admit, it is CHATTY! 🙂 Not a bad thing necessarily, but noticeable.

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  1. Ceiynt says:

    THat’s just about what my wife said every time she saw me “playing” it. They talk a lot. Maybe it’s me getting older and not wanting to sit through 20 minutes of dialog just to kill the poor sod, or whatever, but god, they DO talk a lot. I can feel a bit or a twitch game I there, trying to break away from the chatty chats.

  2. Jim R. says:

    The dialog is great though, especially guessing some of the voice actors. Automatically guessed Flemeth was Kate Mulgrew (aka Captain Janeway, your favorite Scott 😛 ). After peeking into cast credits in the back of the instruction book, was a little surprised that Morrigan is actually Claudia Black (from Farscape and SG-1) and Tim Curry.

    Love how Bioware manages to get some noticeable voice talent in their games. Mass Effect featured Keith David, Seth Green, Lance Henriksen, and Marina Sirtis among others.

  3. Biff says:

    Eh, it’s really not that different from other Bioware games. Only played Dragon Age for about 2 hours so far, but it’s not so different than something like Mass Effect. The talking, I mean.

  4. Tradsk says:

    hm… its an RPG?
    geez, imagine if your wives saw you guys playing MGS4

  5. Foxlore says:

    Great comic! The thing is, that I do agree, but I love Dragon Age for it it! You can skip through all of the exposition with the click of a button if that is not the thing for you…but (for example) when the Dalish storyteller offered to tell my character a story of the Dalish, my party sat down and he actually did so…I really dig stuff like that. Also love the various speciifc quips that some characters in the party have (or get) in some of these dialogues…even more in depth here than in ME. (Also, just for the record, the golem Shale’s interactions are a riot, well worth the download if you did not get him in the limited edition).

  6. Socrates says:

    LOL nice

  7. Socrates says:

    LOL nice

  8. Robert says:

    freakin nailed it!

  9. Eric says:

    The aptly named Esc key works wonders if you have subtitles turned on. “We wou–” “They nee–” “Thank y–” “Why you littl–” “I’ll smash–” “Faster! Faste–” “You ever lllicked a lllamppost in Win—“

    • Gagoff says:

      Yeah, I read the dialogue in 2 secs and then usually push esc, alot, because I don’t wanna spend hours listening to it. Sometimes I do but sometimes I can’t find the patience.

      Even though I take alot of the dialogue time out of the game like this, I’m still 23-24 hours in the game with one character… It’s awesome 🙂

  10. Tesko says:

    Not not nearly as bad as Xenogears, though. Plowing through the text in that game still gives me nightmares even if it is one of the greatest console RPGs.

  11. Donnerberg says:

    I look forward to the 2nd run through when I’m going to stop asking everyone “explain plz”. I reckon it’ll cut off maybe 3 days from the game skipping all the optional dialogue.

  12. Exerxes says:

    I just had to reply when I read this comic. I totally agree, but loved it all the same. However for the ‘game that should really have been a film’ award look no further than the Metal Gear Solid series… I can’t say much about 1 & 3 having never played them, but 2 & 4… Seriously, every cutscene was about 10 mins long themselves…

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