Comic: “Thatsa-lotsa-mario!”

July 13, 2009
Comic:  “Thatsa-lotsa-mario!”

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  1. Iserguy says:

    liking the regular characters, don’t see that as often on this comic, really loving the dog, and how he’s just kinda there… doin’ his thing…

  2. The guy on the left in the last panel reminds me of an advert that’s been on British TV for a few weeks

  3. Bearman says:

    Love the shading/coloring work.

  4. serge says:

    79 hours and 13 minutes in, they got pointed to this comic and mentioned it,

    They also read it online!

  5. Szotasensei says:

    I respect these dudes so much! Hope they see your comic!

    • Ricardo says:

      Ahaha! Every post could be its own new t-shirt. You are amazing. ASCII t-shirt \”art\”: —–_____——[ ][ CATS: ] — they — | have | | sharp | | parts | | | ————

  6. Collin1000 says:

    They just read your comic on air, nice job guys!

  7. Scott says:

    hehe! anyone have that clip?

    • Arshad says:

      Methinks if that ever happened then it would ralley have to be Batman that we all drew. I happen to be drawing him today aswell for another commission, he’s a popular guy…Also, how the hell do you make the inking on this look so realistic Thompson? There’s some lines on his jaw muscle that look like a wasting grey marker put them down… I’m getting more and more intrigued by this ‘Mango Studia’ that you’re all so fond of…

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