Comic: “Take the Plumber”

June 8, 2009
Comic: “Take the Plumber”

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Wanted to create some sort of illustration of how the other two big boys are going after the motion control market. So this is what you get.

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  1. Aye, you were a bit overdue for Mario abuse, heh heh.

  2. Darrell says:

    Big huge thumbs up yet again!

  3. virgowall says:

    HAHAHA! Fireball, Mario, FIREBALL!.

  4. mefe says:

    LAWL never to much Mario

  5. RPGeno says:

    MS, Sony, You guys are doing great, but I think it’s a bit too late for this to work.

  6. Will says:

    no way RPGeno, I see MS’s idea the next logical step. sony is trying to caputre more of what nintendo wants/wanted to do, and MS is really going in a whole new direction. Think about playing an FPS/adventure game acting out everything you do. this has the potential of being revolutionary

  7. JhasNeeh says:

    No way is this too late. MS need to do a lot of serious work, however. Their showing was as jittery as hell, couldn’t see it working well with games. Sony, on the other hand, looked great. I’m really looking forward to use the sword and shield in an actual game. Now as for Nintendo … their motion sensor plus IS too late. The games are running out and with equal or better systems doing motion sensoring the out of date graphics will cost them dearly. Started well, but they need to be looking to release a new system soon so they don’t get left behind.

  8. disciple83 says:

    from the very beginning I’ve always viewed Nintendo’s Wii system as a gimmick, having sold my Wii off just after Metroid first came out on the new platform. To this day I see the Nintendo offering as a trick to score new sales with casual gamers. I’m not a casual gamer, I demand responsiveness and logical button presses/movements so that I spend less time worrying about the combo then I do the games’ content itself. Both Sony and Microsoft appear to have created a more natural control system than Nintendo could ever dream up. Having said that, I also see Natal as the next step to Big Brother, at what point do simulated emotions become “real”? How do we know that the machine isn’t just reacting as programmed but instead reacting as a reflex? Obviously I’m wigging out in a Skynet sort of way, but with a system like this, it makes it harder to distinguish, you know?

  9. Diego S. says:

    u shuld post sony’s presentation of the new controllers scott… theyre frankly amazing

  10. bunnyrut says:

    sony’s new controllers just reminded me of what i used to play with at Disney’s Epcot when they had the innovations exhibit over 10 years ago. sorry if it just doesn’t seem like new technology to me.
    Microsoft now has what people predicted us to have well over 30 years ago. their stuff amazes and scares me at the same time.

  11. Shaymus22 says:

    I love the title of this one. I imagine that there is some hideous leader outside of the frame pointing at Mario who said that.

  12. RPGeno says:

    “No way is this too late.”

    Um, yes it is. Nintendo’s still outselling the competition, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

    “Now as for Nintendo … their motion sensor plus IS too late.”

    Oh, so when Sony and MS use motion control, they’re not too late, but when Nintendo aims to improve existing motion control, it is?

    “The games are running out and with equal or better systems doing motion sensoring the out of date graphics will cost them dearly.”

    Since when do graphics make games fun? I’d much rather play Mega Man 9 than some mediocre game with decent graphics.

  13. Zu says:


    Time will tell who is right

    • Manzar says:

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  14. RPGeno says:


    You’re really quite good at distorting what I say to suit your own opinion.

    You should be a politician.

  15. Rolacus says:

    meh I personally dont see why people love the idea of motion control so much

    The wii’s ok cause the motion control doesn’t get too extreme too often, and often has options to not use the motion controls

    but eventually it seems all systems are gonna go down the route of “you have to do every little intricate exact motion yourself to make the character do the same thing”

    sorry guys but I so much would rather just use the control stick to push a block for a puzzle or press a button to fly rather than make a pushing or flapping motion with my arms

  16. Thedrawrf says:

    Is it “too late” for these innovations to be effective? That’s a difficult question for sure. I’ll say that it’s too late for them to really sway my buying dollar. The wii killed my desire for motion “control”.

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