Comic: “Situational Awareness”

April 1, 2009
Comic:  “Situational Awareness”

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Have had classic horror on my brain lately. Not sure why, but often, I find the best way to purge this sort of thing from my brain is to do a comic about it. So I did. And here it is.

11 Responses to Comic: “Situational Awareness”

  1. Nevets815 says:

    hahaahaha thats great XD

  2. Schweppes says:

    Great perky tits !

  3. Felix says:

    The mask-dude is drawn very well! Plus, you’re getting better at drawing boobs!

  4. mercator says:

    It’s sad, but after chuckling at the comic, I thought “wow, nice rack.”

    I guess you get a synopsis of your readership right there….

  5. dman0001 says:

    First I laughed at the comic, then I scrolled down a bit further, She’s pretty hot for a comic character.

  6. Fluberwinter says:

    Well what’s a girl character in a horror movie without a rack?
    BTW no blood on machete? Awww…

  7. Darth_yoda (UK) says:

    Nice baps 🙂

  8. Squinky says:

    Heh, awesome!

    Weirdly enough, I just finished working on a little slasher rpg. Been drawing lots of stuff just like that lately.

    If anyone wants to check it out, it’s on DrivethruRPG:


  9. Saltybob says:

    haha “and stuff”

  10. HA, love it, I’m a huge Jason fan, I was him for Halloween two yrs ago. I just bought this print, definitely deserves to be with my other items. Nice work.

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