Comic: “Scott’s 360 is Dead”

October 12, 2009
Comic:  “Scott’s 360 is Dead”

About this comic

Just feeling grumpy about my 360, which I got at launch, which is now dead, and MS says they won’t fix. Enjoy. The comic, not my dead 360.

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  1. Seth says:

    Thanks Scott, now I have an awesome comic for my Business project. The comic deals with employment, and how microsoft loves to hire wild animals to design and make their products.


  2. usagizero says:

    For what it’s worth, i’ve had three dead 360’s over the years. From red rings, random freezes, cd trays stopping working, and more, i believe your monkey theory. Oddly enough, my Japanese launch 360 rarely had a problem.

  3. Jonesy says:

    Scott…. I’m sensing some resentment….

  4. nick.XIII says:

    OMG, my 360, which was also bought at launch, just kicked the bucket too!!!!

  5. Scott E says:

    Hey Scott, just wait a couple of weeks and get the new MW2 bundle back with a 250 GIG HD.

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