Comic: “Scott’s 360 is Dead”

October 12, 2009
Comic:  “Scott’s 360 is Dead”

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Just feeling grumpy about my 360, which I got at launch, which is now dead, and MS says they won’t fix. Enjoy. The comic, not my dead 360.

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  1. Munchdeer says:

    happened to me too once.. just go to a store where they flash ur xbox or something and tell them to fix it.. much faster than letting microsoft fix it.! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JeffW says:

    Same situation Scott. Then tried to “fix” it myself and that didn’t help either. I had nothing to lose once MS said “sorry sir.” So, a lot of good games will go un-played until a 360 enters the budget and the wife approves again. hah!

  3. Kristofer says:

    Will you be buying a new one or just sticking with the PS3?

  4. Notbriang says:

    Same thing here. Got mine at launch. Turned it on last week to the red rings. I know MS won’t fix it. I know the DIY fixes don’t do anything. I did ante up into a PS3 a year ago. Which broke and was fixed free and updated free within two weeks by Sony. Sorry for your loss I probably won’t go back to 360 till I see something truly exciting.

  5. Ben says:

    My launch day system died a year ago, if you keep your eyes open for Dell coupons and the like you can get an arcade for around $100 and just pop your Hard Drive in it. Also Gamestop last I checked was giving around $40 for broken 360’s.

  6. Asterix says:

    Great comic Scott! I am glad that I did not spend my cash on XBox 360… I still have my old XBox…

  7. Molly says:

    That sucks! I know a lot of people were saying “you got 5 years out of it”, but come on! It should be more reliable than that!

  8. Labbug says:

    May it rest in peace…
    I have a friend who’s gone through 3 in that time. ๐Ÿ™

  9. Morely Dotes says:

    This is why I dumped all my consoles and went back to PC games when the 360 was released. I suddenly realized that you can run almost any PC game on a new PC (Wing Commander being a huge exception), but over half of my Xbox Mk.I games wouldn’t run on the 360.

    Eventually you’ll be able to get a 360 emulator and downloadable” ROMs” for it, just like all the MAME games. Good luck.

  10. Zsuiram says:

    ouh.. that’s crap.. my deepest condolences…

    If my Xbox will break, I’ll definitely not buy another…

    have fun with you PS3 ๐Ÿ˜‰
    or play with your Wii… hahahaha.. bad joke xD

  11. Anand says:

    So how much did Sony pay you?

    Just kiddin’, know how you feel. Goddamn MS. always letting monkeys do the work.

  12. Matt says:

    Welcome to the club Mr. Johnson. Mine RRoD’d a year ago, got a new one with the hdmi port and it’s now working sans the disc drive due to a faulty drive wheel belt. Gotta love MSFT going with the cheapest parts possible.

  13. Blackwood says:

    Happend to me as well. Just send it back to MS and play the dump guy, dont even think about calling them! You might have been luck …and maybe you put a link into your letter what your side is about and how many people read your posts…and maybe this will have magic powers.
    Good luck!

    • IHookone says:

      I used to be a squaresoft fonabi in the ps1/ps2 days but have HATED ALL of their recent releases. Unfortunately I pre-ordered ff13, and ff14 I will never support that franchise or this publisher ever again without researching their games 2 weeks after release. It’s just ridiculous that they put out such shit now.

  14. Anecades says:

    My favorite part is the money’s woefully underdeveloped pectoral region.

  15. Anecades says:

    make that the monKey’s woefully underdeveloped yadda yadda. Much like time, monkey is money, friend!

  16. WarlockJA says:

    Mine died a couple weeks ago. I am going to get a replacement as my warranty is up and my friends PS3 is no real replacement.

  17. Deathwaits says:

    Have any of you that are out of warranty tried the “Penny” fix? My co-worker just tried it on his old school x-box 360 and it worked. Here is a link the the youtube video of it being done:

    • Brian Duff says:

      I find it funny that to fix the Xbox360’s RROD would be 10 cents worth of copper and some tape to insulate the “heat sink” that’s made from it. I imagine if it was a perma-fix, it would make MS look even more incompetent.

    • Tim R. says:

      I did the penny fix and my “launch day” 360 has worked perfectly ever since. I recommend it for anyone with an out-of-warranty 360.

  18. Wobbel says:

    that monkey made me lough so hard

  19. drinkh2so4 says:

    Yep I sat in line at Walmart for 18 hours on launch day to get one, and mine escaped the red ring of death until about 4 months ago….just took it to a local guy, he saudered the board and boom its like new..

  20. Rex Hondo says:

    Crummy news to be sure, but that is precisely why I have never been an early adopter for any console not made by Nintendo.

  21. Alex says:

    Same happened here, thats how I convienced my wife that I needed an Elite with a 120gig hdd. Although MS did fix my other one. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t give my 360 up, just because I had to buy a new one.

  22. cerverous says:

    I know a certain colombian guy that might enjoy this…

  23. Darrell says:

    I’ve had TWO 360s, and they BOTH died!! 100% failure rate.
    Yes. You read that right every Xbox that has entered this house has died young. Both covered under warranty & repaired.

    This happens so often that when the UPS guy saw me bring in the box to ship to MS, first thing he said when I walked in the door was “Xbox?”

  24. Mattefjonkan says:

    Yehh i understand how you feal, i had my 360 break i think it was 2 years ago. And just as i got a new game that i wanted to play =(.
    I didn’t turn to microsoft i just went ware i bought it and they gave me a new one. No questions asked just signed a paper saying i returned it cos it was broken.


  25. Magnion says:

    Im surprised that your 360 lasted that long. Still, sorry to hear it, Ive been there.

  26. Precious Roy says:

    I am on my 3rd one in 3 years…I must be doing something wrong.

  27. Noyb says:

    my just died this past weekend. i got me some games (NFS Shift, Dirt2) and it played the intro halfway through and *BAM!* “freezed” to death… after that only the RROD followed.
    mind you, it was a V1 360… got mine 1 year late… with 3 years it had a rather long run…
    just bought a new arcade (jasper) one. this one should live a little longer… hehe

  28. At least you can justify getting a new one with HDMI out..

  29. Diran says:

    I just sold my 360 yesterday, using the PS3 more and I still put a fair amount of time into WOW.

  30. clatham says:

    Kudos, Sir. Still like the xbox, but I bought a PS3 anywho. Can’t wait for Sony to wake up and let the good games roll in! Magnificent hardware.

  31. HeatGunMaster says:

    Got a second hand xbox which crapped on me after about 2 weeks of use (yes my mistake).

    Not wanting to give up too easily, I bought myself a heat gun and a few screws off ebay, dismantled the xbox and fiddled with it continuously for several days with no success and just when I was giving up and about to throw the whole thing in the bin, it came back to life.

    It’s been running fine since, and I’m debating buying a whole bunch of broken xbox, fixing them up and handing them over to friends and family as gifts :-p

  32. Falcon says:

    My own little RROD story, bought a 360 about a year after launch. Get it home, hook it up and RROD on first load. Take it to store, get it replaced (same day) and get that one home… RROD >:( Finally the next day I go in, replace it again, and 3rd time’s the charm. now nearly 4 years later still going strong *knock on wood*.

  33. zorniki says:

    got my 3rd one running like a charm so far. They had to exchange the Mobo and the DVD drive with the 2nd repair. The next one will cost me though!! So i hope Iยดll be good until the 720 arrives…

  34. torticoli says:

    Never had any problems with my Elite (not sure of the name in the US – Premium ?) one. Except for some freeze issues of course but, well… Am I very lucky or are some versions definitely more solid than others ?

  35. GrandpaBob says:

    Mine died a couple months ago. Followed some very easy instructions online, replaced the x-clamps with some bolts from Lowe’s and it’s been fine every since. If MS won’t fix it, spend the $10 and try it yourself, what do you have to lose?

  36. Joy says:

    Anyone who says the fixes of removing the xclamps and reapplying heat sink doesn’t work does not know what they are talking about. I have fixed 5 xboxs for friends and my own and each one of them is still working! Follow the online instructions, pay attention to what you are doing and it will work fine!

  37. SSmetzer says:

    Wow. That’s really good for a launch system. I sold a friend my launch system when I upgraded to an elite and the launch system died two months later. I ended up giving him most of his money back. I hope the 360 has taught MS the importance of good hardware.

  38. I am on my second 360, with a three-year warranty from Best Buy. Suckers. I’m sure they’ll see me again.

  39. p.s. My home-brew attempt to fix my first 360 lasted one day before it died again. I replaced the X-clip with machine screws and “re-baked” it per the instructions, but the process was more trouble than it was ultimately worth.

  40. atlantis1982 says:

    And my friend wonders why I will never buy one. I don’t tolerate with systems that crash.

  41. Tradsk says:

    lol, you gotta be f*king kidding! hahah you had your 360 for almost 5 years and you think it would NEVER break?? theres some launch consoles that wouldnt last for 2!

  42. Peruchito says:

    buy a new one. then return it with the old one in the box.

  43. Rususeruru says:

    I feel your pain.
    Fortunately I’m on my third 360 and the other two were replaced under warranty.
    My PS3 also died, red screen fixed under warranty…
    Come to think of it I went through 3 original xboxes too… either I’m cursed or console gaming is expensive, seems like all of my post-Dreamcast systems have had problems (PS3 is my first PlayStation)

  44. Vaancor says:

    I feel ya’mon, I just had my 360 die due to an E74 error. Now I’m going around begging for a place to get a box for it. >.<

  45. IvinesK says:

    Yeah, any launch-era 360 is no longer covered under warranty, which is why MS won’t help Scott fix his 360. Too bad, but don’t let it go by the wayside. There’s too much to be missing…

  46. Felix says:


  47. Shadewe says:

    My launch xbox finally broke too. Made it under the wire the warranty wire. Argued with them for a week and half before they finally agreed it will be fixed. Had faxed all the paperwork to prove it was still in warranty by a week.

  48. Energyone says:

    You people know that Microsoft will fix all 360s, right? So many of you saying they won’t fix it is a bunch of garbage. If you are saying they won’t fix it for FREE then please say so. Big difference.

  49. Draxis says:

    This very thing happened to me about a week ago. Turned on my old 360 that’s held up for so long and there they were, three flashing red lights.

    Sigh, I feel your pain.

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