Comic: “Respect the Stache”

May 20, 2009
Comic: “Respect the Stache”

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Something a little different today.

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  1. Scott says:

    Apparently they also make your girlfriend’s sleeves suddenly longer.

  2. capsuletz says:

    And his left eyebrow disappears when he puts the stache on. It’s that incredible! 😉

  3. Fady says:

    Stache: The representation of a real man.

  4. Precious Roy says:

    Love the ‘Click.’

  5. noway says:

    With great Mustache comes great Responsablity!

  6. Jim says:

    The left eyebrow is still there. It’s just riding low to the eyeball.

    The ‘click’ reminds me of Mr. Potato Head. 🙂

  7. Barni says:

    Masterpiece again, classic Scott.
    Well done…

  8. Darrell says:

    I rarely forward comics to friends, but this one’s just been routed.

  9. Jason says:

    He is starting to look like The Most Interesting Man in the World.

    • Misty says:

      Completely love this blog it made my day. Staches are rad and for this cause it is amazing. I may cave and craete a Facebook finally to share that i like this , thank you keep it up .

    • Antonio says:

      These are all soo cute!! I love the mushroom gadren stakes, snail magnets, little opossum pendent, custom gadren stake, mushroom guitar pick earrings.

  10. Zorbane says:

    I wish asians could grow ones that don’t make you look like Genghis Khan

    • Arham says:

      Nice article about Dr. Rajkumar. Annavru Ruled Kannada idntsury for decades and will be the king of all kannadiga\’s forever. He was great singer too. He is the only person to get National award for both categories acting and singing. He not known to other states as he never acted in non-Kannada movies, I believe he is well known in Chennai and other southern states as well. He also lead the Gokak Chaluvali (a pro-Kannada movement). His service to Kannada will stay in the hearts of Kannadiga\’s for generations to come.

  11. Tom Selleck Mister Potato Head FTW!
    I find the opposite is true. Maybe it’s because my genetics are programmed to create a mustache that looks like a teenager trying too hard to look grown-up.

  12. That’s totally been my experience.

    • Elsaar says:

      where do you go? I’ve never had anyone else do the lip wiaxng, I’ve done it myself. I still haven’t gotten my brows waxed so it looks like I have big, fuzzy catepillars above my eyes! I am hoping to go tomorrow to get a haircut and wiaxng all at the same place!.-= Priscilla’s last blog post: =-.

  13. Masterwabbit says:

    My ‘stache isn’t meant for growing. The middle part of it grows fine, but the outer lip parts are lacking severely. I’d look like Hitler with a beard if I let all my facial grow out. I just trim it into a goatee, so my chin doesn’t freeze in the winter here.

  14. Izaak says:

    So true.

    • Ivan says:

      Tom the stache’ is lokiong swell. I love the idea! Too bad I can’t grow a stache’ too. How about leg hair? That would raise some questions!!!

  15. GamerGirlAnna says:


  16. Davad says:

    Aye, the “click” is made of win.

    • Bella says:

      now that is my kind of wedding. the mmetnos were magical, seriously! Her smile is radiating! I loved every one of the pics, absolutely beautiful. THe mood in them makes me feel the love and the mmetnos captured.

  17. DoggySpew says:

    Merchandise potential for a T-Shirt ?

  18. Ceiynt says:

    I have the complete opposite issue. I grow heavy on the edges, but nothing in the middle. It did earn a me a cool nick name, The Spaniard.

  19. John says:

    The only thing I can think of that has as much ‘negative kudos’ as a moustache on a man is a ponytail. Sadly, I’ve sported both. Sometimes simultaneously.

  20. Phil Myth says:

    Bah noway beat me to the Family Guy quote :P.

  21. Bagus says:

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