Comic: “Red Dead Redonkulous”

May 18, 2010
Comic:  “Red Dead Redonkulous”

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I post this comic knowing that my copy is somewhere in transit to my greedy little hands. As excited about this game as I am any other this year. The question is, will this multiplayer live up to the promises they’ve been making, and will we find find lots of jerky Halo players trying to do “their thing”. Enjoy.

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  1. Catterwall says:

    …and that’s why I like playin on my PS3

  2. Rory G says:

    Oh, I asked my great-great-grandpappy. He confirms that it was most certainly around. It’s the whole reason why most duels were to the death… it was a better end.

  3. …and that’s why I WANT a PS3. Hey Scott, can you convince my hubby that it’s a good idea? 🙂 Or would you rather buy StarCraft 2 & some new (nice) Desktop Headphones (with a mic)??

  4. tnfreak says:

    PS3 FTW!

  5. Steve says:

    My Son has this game coming in the mail also, time to hijack it for my use before he gets home, lol!

  6. Catterwall says:

    I don’t know if ya give out yer PSN id Scott but I would love to play some Red Dead with you! Thanks

  7. Hizeme says:

    I believe it is Their not There

  8. Darth_yoda says:

    Scott don’t you mean “THEIR thing”

    Grammar police standing down.

  9. Ronin says:

    “As excited about this game as I am any other this year.”

    Really? As excited as Starcraft 2? and Portal 2? Starcraft 2 which I’m sure we both know is awesome (beta) and Portal 2, which is, well, Portal?

  10. rezlow says:

    Loving the multiplayer… and free roam… and single player for that matter.


  11. Rezlow says:

    Too quick on the draw…

    Belnador is my PSN id

  12. shoan says:

    The only thing that is holding me back from buying this game is the achievement for placing a hog tied woman on the train tracks and letting the train splatter her. See I have no problem with shooting bad guys in the game and what not but I don’t know if I can bring my self to execute someone like this. I know it is just a game and all and I am not knocking others for doing it. But I just don’t know if I can do this myself. Watching the video of it really made me sit back and think. What is all of you fine extra life peoples opinion of this?

  13. tnfreak says:

    frankly it looks just like its using the a-typical GTA engine, in which you can run over hookers, kill mob bosses by either shooting, stabbing or blowing up, what i feel people fail to click in their brains is to separate video game violence from actual violence, for example, i love shooting things on screen and killing people in games such as postal 2, or doom, or half life, but to this day i am afriad of actual guns and hate actual violence, as long as i know the violence is fake and no actual people are being harmed then game on, other wise there will more then likely will be protestors protesting for civil rights for video game characters or NPCs, i can see the posters now “Pixels are people too” and next thing you know the erase function is taken away and lots of mistakes will be made on all works in photoshop and print, cats and dogs living togather, mass Hysteria!

  14. shoan says:

    See I can spend tons of time shooting people in COD or L4D and what not but it was just something about the act of the tied woman on the train tracks is what got me. Funny thing is real guns do not bother me one bit. I was in the army and grew up in the south so guns were always around. And the thing is I can clearly tell the difference between pixels and people I just don’t know why this one part of one game has made me think the way it has. Who knows. I guess I can chalk it up to one part of the game that is optional and not worry about it so much.

  15. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    I just started working on my WOW priest I wish I had time to play other games.. This game looks good. Yeah for some reason PSN players seem to be not as obnoxious. Maybe that’s because all the trolls are stuck in Home.. lol..

  16. Matt says:

    The game is set in 1911…If you care.

  17. Jaramide says:

    This game is totally amazing and I’m not even that into the western stuff. However I was blown away by the feeling of authenticity (don’t know how actually authentic it is but the feeling is there) that envelops the whole game. This game on its own might actually make me a western buff 😀

  18. Matt says:

    I know I’m being nitpicky, but the game actually takes place in 1911, not the 1800’s.

  19. WeaponXIV says:

    Yeah..I keep jumping off of cliffs and killing my horses, its a sickness….

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