Comic: “Rated M for Mature”

March 4, 2010
Comic:  “Rated M for Mature”

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That game is hardcore, and devastating. And awesome.

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  1. Darrell says:

    Let this be a lesson to all you parents out there. 🙂

    (to go & buy it for yourselves!)

  2. Mike says:

    Yeah, I definitely have enjoyed this title 99.9% and hope to see more like it in the future.

  3. debarrius says:

    Though visually very appealing I got bored with it way too quickly. I didn’t even make it to the 2nd character. The game never “grabbed” my interest. Too much of a movie feel, it may actually be a decent film one day.

  4. Drew says:

    My facial expressions were exactly the same, although in reverse order. 😉

  5. Sheqeri says:

    Yeah, even the demo of this one was a bit too disturbing for meh.

  6. QuagsireQing says:

    I’m with that kid. I’d have gladly bought the game if the demo hadn’t been so ‘M.’ If the developers are such masters of storytelling, they could have told it with a ‘T’ rating.

  7. Aeton says:

    The game is so mature it gave acne to the kid!

  8. Io says:

    What happened to postings on Google Buzz?

  9. jabbawonga says:

    omg-i know exactly what you mean. I had to rush to complete this game as thinking about it half way through, and I just couldn’t take not knowing what was gonna happen to the kid! I had to get it over with asap -it was far too depressing!

  10. Asra says:

    I have a little sister, and she was completely upset with me cos the whole week I was playing Heavy Rain I didnt let her into my room, usually I always play games with her, she is hooked with the uncharted series, but this time I played alone

  11. Chris says:



  12. Molly says:

    Just finished the game, and although I expected to be crying like a baby all the way through it, it wasn’t as emotionally draining as I thought it would be. I’m not sure if I “liked” it, but it did make me want to finish it!

  13. Donnerberg says:

    The finger cutting trial made me cringe like someone was stepping on my sack. Just painful to watch. I picked the meatcleaver. He needed several goes to sever the damn thing, but at least he didn’t use the saw.

    …then he cauterized it with a heated rebar like a real man and his scream still haunts my dreams.

  14. Jaldaboath says:


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