Comic: “PSA”

August 11, 2009
Comic:  “PSA”

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Enjoy! (For all you GI Joe lovers)


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14 Responses to Comic: “PSA”

  1. super80e says:

    HAHA this one was great!

  2. Eric says:

    Used to have a dog that got diarrhea one time while we were gone. She apparently ran around the living room while squirting away. It was everywhere… even way up on the walls.

  3. Brian Duff says:

    G.I. Juh….. CRAP! Damnit Jeff! Not in my shoes too!!! At least it’s not as bad as getting peed on while you’re sleeping.

  4. Moobie says:

    The more you know! 🙂

  5. Biff says:

    G.I. Jeeeeeeeefffff

    • Karem says:

      My cats have made attempts on my life. Only one of them was patrrculaily evil, though, and her murder attempt involved leaping into the bathtub to slice my thigh open. THAT’S HOW MUCH SHE HATED ME – WOULD DEAL WITH WATER.

  6. RebelMoogle says:

    Hi there!

    I think a week or two of guest comics would be a nice idea for Extralife. Maybe?

    And then Scott could take some time off to get new and fresh ideas.
    Might be fun to have some change of scenery.

    just my 2 cents. 😉


  7. Dice_Girl says:

    And knowing is half the battle…. GI Joe!

    YAY thanks for the fond GI Joe memories, they are feeling a little hurt and betrayed now that GI Joe wears super suits. o.O

  8. Hilarious comic! Loving the cleverness and the truthfulness of this piece…my dog used to do that all the damn time!!

  9. Scott says:

    @RebelMoogle – Explain what you mean a little bit? Curious as to what you mean. You can email me too if you like. Interested in your feedback. myextralife at gmail dot com.

    • RebelMoogle says:

      Well… have some guest artists draw a few strips for you and give you time to try out some new stuff, maybe get a new perspective…

      I feel that extralife could use some experimentation, maybe a few new ideas and some innovation? I just get the feeling that, compared to older strips, it’s gone a bit ‘stale’. No offense, could be just me. 😉 I just know that a few other webcomic artists do this to refresh their creative drive…

      what do you think?

  10. Altaru says:

    Let me just say that this is my favorite comic yet, after following this for years. I see the Jake and Jeff comics in the newspaper one day, just sayin’

  11. BrainFloat says:

    I don’t think its stale by any means, but its always interesting to have a guest comic once in a while. Especially if they use the same characters.

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