Comic: “Prison Brake”

April 24, 2009
Comic: “Prison Brake”

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Had to do a Piratebay joke. Just had to. You are liking the movie downloading, yah? Here it is.

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  1. Lenon says:

    Did I miss something? they actually / finally get nailed?

  2. Yah!
    Well sort of..

  3. J says:

    A guilty verdict was handed down by a Judge whose verdict is now in question because he happens to belong to a pro Copyright group and has even sat on the board of a pro Copyright group. So its not over for them but they have been found guilty well sort of.

  4. Mavado says:

    If anything, the judge is the one who deserved to be nailed. Turns out that he’s an active member of some of the prosecuting parties…

    And now Google has been reported to the police on the same grounds that The Pirate Bay got convicted on. This is turning out to be quite the cirkus.

  5. Zed says:

    I like downloading my movies, like I like my women. Of poor quality, free, and fast.

  6. nabasu says:

    You have obviously not seen the state of Swedish prisons. 😉

  7. RaXha says:

    @nabasu: yea i was gonna mention that 😛 For you non Swedish folk i can tell you that swedish prisons are nothing like the american ones, more like some kind of psychology treatment centers than actual prisons (you know, with the iron bars and stuff) 😛

    And yes, they did get a 1 year sentence and has to pay 3 million €uros collectively in fines, meaning that if one of them cannot pay the other ones will have to do it…

    They’ll probably appeal the verdict however (people always do over here :P) and take it to the Supreme court instead of the district Court. They might even have to run the whole thing over again because of this whole judge thing, with him maybe being considered biased and all…

  8. RaXha says:

    This is what a swedish prison “cell” looks like by the way

  9. Scott says:

    hmm. not that different than a US cell honestly. A little more ikea I guess.

  10. Sebastian says:

    care to know why I am laughing?
    I’m a swede, i know how the prisons here are,7340,L-3261698,00.html

    They are better then hotels for christs sake
    Drug addicts in sweden usually make sure to get caught for something every now and then so they got to spend some time on the inside.

    the pirate bay guys wont serve any time anyway… not for the next 4-5 years anyway

  11. ScottyD says:

    Wow that’s a nice prison. Better than college dorms.

  12. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    @ ScottyD: yeah, I was gonna say that in America we call cells “college dorm rooms.” I honestly think that was bigger than my room when I worked on my masters.

  13. Asterix says:

    Funny comment on IKEA… Piracy is here to stay 🙂

  14. PurrNaK says:

    Wait I don’t get it. Pirate bay just provided Torrent links right? How is that illegal? Al gore admitted to inventing the internets.. shouldn’t he go to jail?… please?

  15. RaXha says:

    @PurrNaK: They were convicted of Assisting in crimes against Copyright or something like that.. Which is why someone, like mentioned in a comment above, someone has reported Google to the police for doing the same thing 😛 (Hilarious to be honest)

  16. Jan B says:

    You’re swedish accent cracked me up Scott :). Regarding the pirate bay guys I hope they get what they deserve in the end. There just a bunch of arrogant snot nosed kids and need to get the soap dropped on then a bunch of times in the prison shower…

  17. idogis1 says:

    It’s Sweetish prison, their treated like kings ether way.

  18. Ransom says:

    I think I would have liked a joke about “butt pirates”.

    • Alan says:

      >Oh oh… this reminds me a bit of my very first trip to the US when eovdybery (and I mean eovdybery) I talked to at the office told me “Hey – you have a funny accent!” when all I did was just talking plain Oxford English. It always depends on the point of view 😉

  19. DoggySpew says:

    To be precise, the only thing they did is create a website were people can put in the links where things can be downloaded. That is like punishing the owner of a parking lot for the illegal dealings of those parked there.

  20. Vincent says:

    Only the owner of the parking lot doesn’t advertise for it, piratebay does

  21. Tordenflesk says:

    Knowing the correct spelling makes the “yah” sound Jamaican in my ears.
    “Ja” is correct.

  22. Eric says:

    @Ransom: It was a joke about that.

    Today, I learned what PirateBay was. 🙁 Pretty soon, I am going to be wearing pants that come up to my ribs (or higher) and rambling on about “them kids are their newfangled inner-nets”.

  23. McSax says:

    Am I the only one who worries about the judge, who passed the sentence, has been accused of bias, after Sweden’s national radio station revealed that Thomas Norström was a member of the same pro-copyright groups as several of the main entertainment industry reps in the case.

    How does something like this happen? Who organizes a court in Sweden? Something like this should never slip by!

  24. gildron says:

    Scott, you have always complained about your inability to draw women. Until now I never really agreed with you… But this… I mean. Wow. That is one terribly drawn chick.

    (Anyone who didn’t immediately get the sarcasm in the above quote, and the fact that yes, I understand that is a man, obviously needs to spend more time on the internet.)

  25. Altaru says:

    Dude this one was pure funny. I actually laughed out loud. I love that big Swedish jail dude.

  26. Chris says:

    I think “sugarbabe” babe sounds a bit German :). But then again im born and rased in sweden and i cant do a swedish axent 😛

  27. Kane says:

    Do they have unlimited Internet? If so, sign me up!

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