Comic: “Power Overwhelming”

May 5, 2010
Comic:  “Power Overwhelming”

About this comic

I am so beyond excited to get my hands on the retail version of Starcraft II. July can’t get here quickly enough. In the meantime, I figured a comic containing my excitement should be made.

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  1. Daniel Mesa says:

    Starcraft will make our children merge in shining balls of power?! COOL!!

  2. The Real HBD says:

    We require more Vespene gas. *fert*

  3. dethmunky says:

    Starcraft 2 comes out on my birthday. Coincidence, or providence?

  4. Spenser says:

    CANNOT wait!

    Curious what a child archon would look like?

  5. TKFourTwoTwo says:

    Not enough Vespene Gas!
    You must summon additional Pylons!
    Game production stalled to July!

    • Lynsey says:

      Keep it coming, wrrseit, this is good stuff.

    • Martina says:

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  6. skwirel says:

    You must *construct* additional pylons =P

  7. Misae-Misa says:

    Dude the best one yet and i saw them all…i pee’d my pants with this one xD

  8. Thoradius says:

    Reminds me of Dragonball Z… I almost thought they were going to do the dance to become one as the Fusion technique.

  9. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    You need a RealID Comic next..

  10. Eric says:

    Must have to a SC fan to get it… I have nooooo idea whats going on here. lol…

  11. torticoli says:

    What’s funny is that my birthday is actually the 28th of July. Obviously Blizzard went ahead and told an incorrect release date to the world by mistaking on my birthday’s date. Obviously.

  12. the clue meister says:

    ok to clue in the Non star craft people, there is a race called the Protoss. Anyhow to make a more powerful unit (called the Archon) you have to select 2 lesser units (sorry I forget its been so long since I played) and have them “merge” to create an archon. Thats what the comic is about. The archon loks like a big ball of fiery energy. Get it now?

  13. Mav1701 says:

    Heh the title of the comic threw me for a second. Blizz reused that phrase in Wow in Pit of Saron, the last boss says “Power…. Overwhelming” when he enrages, so thats all I could hear when I read that. 🙂

  14. gildron says:

    The beta is excellent- definitely a purchase for me when it comes out.

  15. canaanskier says:

    How do you delete comics from the extralife app on the iphone. If not available now is this in the works?

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