Comic: “One foot in, one foot out”

March 25, 2009
Comic: “One foot in, one foot out”

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Things just feel a little empty for me right now when it comes to televised science fiction, at least the kind of stuff with ships, captains, and villain of the week story arcs. I realize that BSG breaks this mold, and will probably inspire even more shows that are based around character drama, like I’m sure Caprica will be, I’ll be sad to see the Treks, Stargates, and Babylon 5’s of the world go by the wayside. And the jury is still out about the upcoming live action Starwars series. Done right, that could be awesome. Done wrong, and I might cut my own heart out and eat it.

Either way, SciFi…or rather, “SyFy” will need to dig deep to keep me caring at all about that channel. All this boils down to the inspiration for today’s comic.

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  1. Gene says:

    There is a new Stargate series coming, I’m just hoping it’ll be good.

    But its looking like a good chunk of these franchises are heading into the MMO market ever so slowly, Star Wars, Star Trek(I could be wrong, I’ve heard that this has been in and then out), Stargate, etc..

    • Rebeca says:

      does ABC even know what they are doing. FlashForward was the best show that i have ever seen and i was so excited that it kept going for anhetor season. The problem is that a lot of people nowadays dont like to think! Thats what i loved about the show is that you got to figure things out as it went along! So ABC, you screwed up big time here!

  2. Shaun D says:

    That was AWESOME!

  3. Clive says:

    Professional wrestling in SPAAAACE would be friggin awesome.

    *imagines a low gravity frog splash from the top turnbuckle*

  4. Cantonkid says:

    Agreed. I really loved SG:Atlantis and am looking forward to more direct to DVD movies from both of the SG lines. I was pleasantly suprised with The Clone Wars, so I have hope for the live action show.

    Would definitely love to see a high/fantasy space series along the lines of Farscape come around again.

  5. wolfgang says:

    Love the expression in the last panel. It appears to me that your art is going through a phase of getting more expressive, and I for one welcome our new expression overlords. Hm that was wrong wasn’t it. Yeah. *drops clothes and runs off naked*

  6. evirus says:

    there’s always Macross

  7. mercator says:

    I was thinking the same. A dearth of SciFi (I won’t use that stupid name – like when people replace s’s with z’s or ‘izzle’s)

    I guess Heroes is kind of SciFi, but then I thought they should have left well enough alone and ended with nobility and class at the end of the first season.

    Dollhouse isn’t SciFi, Eureka is GeekFi (in a good way), so someone needs to step up…


    Wrestling in space – I worry you will give someone the idea…

  8. Shaymus22 says:

    [whlstles all along the watchtower]

  9. rezlow says:

    You could just not watch TV… been working for me for about 10 years now. 😀

  10. The only good show on Sci-Fi, or SyFy, or whatever the hell it’s called, is Ghost Hunters.

  11. Sihnon says:

    Couldn’t have said better myself Scott! I’m right there with you!

  12. binaryspiral says:

    rezlow: shut it, TV is our god… how dare you not worship the box of idiots. 😉

    I’m actually looking forward to watching the BSG series on dvd… never seen the new one and it looked interesting.

  13. Mr Wesley says:

    Two words:

    “Eu” and “Reka.”

  14. Good one! I suspect something good is down the road… somewhere… but I’m not holding my breath. WIS may be the one thing that can save them at this point.

    Wrestling aboard The Vomit Comet might be interesting too.

  15. evirus says:

    Ghosthunters: a bunch of grown men walking around in the dark getting scared by various shadows, reflections, and noises which they don’t know the origin of but instantly guess that it must be the result of a ghost.

    Eureka:hour long deodorant commercial masked as “science fiction”.

  16. Doughboy says:

    wow…just got weird looks for laughing out loud at work. Not sure why that hit the funnybone so hard, but MAN you nailed that one today Scott! Freaking love it.

  17. Gaudemaus says:

    The good times keep on rolling with great movies like, “Raptor Island”, “Pterodactyl,” and “Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon”, how can anyone not like the syfy channel. The only thing to make that channel any better would be to only run Clint Howard projects.

  18. Revenchrist says:

    Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicals? Without that show, i would die

  19. Bit says:

    There’s always Sanctuary. Seasons over at the moment and its not based in space, but I gotta say, that show kicks some ass.

  20. wonder6oy says:

    @evirus – If you’re referring to GH:International specifically, you’d be right. If not, then you’ve clearly never really watched the show.

  21. Majere says:

    The worrying things about the upcoming SG:Universe are twofold in my book. Firstly, the idea feels a bit too much like Stargate meets ST:Voyager (with maybe a bit of Mysterious Cities of Gold thrown in, depending on how hard the ship is to work out). Secondly, given that the excuse for killing off Atlantis was an escalating cast wage bill, they seem to have picked a pretty high-profile cast, with the likes of Robert Carlyle and Ming Na. Sure, SG had Richard Dean Anderson, but he pulled double-duty as producer.

    Still, fingers crossed for Universe and Caprica, and there’s still Fringe, Lost and maybe Dollhouse to keep me interested…

  22. Jon says:

    Don’t threat, Stargate Universe will be coming soon… OK so its “Lost in Space” in the Stargate world but how can that fail right?


  23. Peruchito says:

    if they dressed the wrestlers up as giant robots and monsters and the ring had a miniature of tokyo, i would watch that.

  24. Rico says:

    Still some good stuff on: “Lost” (it’s Sci-Fi now), “Heroes”, “Terminator”, “Smallville”, and the new “Dollhouse.” Hate to show my age, but back in the day all we had was reruns of classic Trek! So, trust me – we still have it pretty good right now. Not to mention that every other movie coming out seems to have a Sci-Fi or comic book element to it these days.

  25. remolay says:

    hey, those claasic reruns were awesome. I say they start showing the classics again. Try to be able to get Babylon 5.

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