Comic: “Old Is New”

November 12, 2009
Comic:  “Old Is New”

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Still unsure of what I think about the new series, but it got me to thinking, and we all know how that ends up.

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  1. Alexia says:

    Oh, no kidding! Everything “original” gets cancelled, so why not go with what worked before, I guess? I like it so far, since FlashForward is starting to lose me. Haha.

    • Sarithz says:

      I hear you Alexia. Anyone here watch Krod Mandoon? One of the most original series I had seen in a while and it gets dumped after the pilot season, sigh. Just server up more of the same old fodder.

      • Alexia says:

        Haha, Krod Mandoon was ridiculously good, but I knew when I was watching it that it wasn’t going to be on for much longer. I don’t think the general public is ready for that kind of humor.

        But boy, do they love their singing ‘n’ dancing teens and B-list celebs!

      • Remolay says:

        I heard that BBC is renewing Krod Mandoon. we may get more. I still want more Red Dwarf

  2. Jeff S. says:

    That head V chic is hot.
    Hotter than she was on Firefly… and SG1 imho.


  3. Silver says:

    I like the new V, specially with the two firefly actors in it :>

    i’m not sure but didnt Morena (Anna in V, Innara in FireFly)make a “hint” about firefly when she was trying out japanese clothes in the last episode? as Nathan Fillion (Capt. Mal) did in the halloween episode of Castle? 😀

  4. Altaru says:

    thanks for the comic Scott

  5. Cudd says:

    I’ve been pretty disappointed so far with V. Whatever happened to pacing?

  6. Macajuel says:

    @ Cudd for real!!! What exactly is the rush? They didn’t even give us an episode or two to wonder whether the Vs had any hostile intentions. I loved the original V, there was character/plot development, excellent pacing, etc.

    I don’t hate the new series but slow it down guys…..jeez.

  7. Eric says:

    No. We’ve never seen how it ends up when you start thinking. 😀
    (Was that mean? Yes. I think it was. My bad. I’ll apologize… after I stop giggling like a sophomore.)
    Seriously, though. Everyone thinks you have to rush things to keep the audience interested. Just look at the board games we had when growing up. They all have (optional) fast-forward style rules now. How would you feel if chess had rules so all matches wouldn’t take over 5 minutes? (I’m sure some of you would start playing then, but I’m not talking to you.)

  8. Vergast says:

    Yeah so far i havent been blowen away by new V. Ill admit i miss holocaust surviour guy from the original.
    Does anyone else also feel the Vs should be wearing sunglasses? I dunno ever time i see em on earth i think: ‘why no sunglasses? Not good enough for you?’
    But ya know thats nit picking really.
    Ill have to agree with the pacing tho. Really fast, my friend missed the: ‘three weeks later’ bit and thought it was going MUCH too fast. On the topic of pacing, i think SGU was going good with its own pacing untill about ep 5 when they kinda just thru people together.
    Did anyone else think it odd that ‘wash’ died with a bit of metal sticking out of him? Like in the movie… anyone? No ok… ehm.
    I also liked Krod, but i could see it ending even when i watched the first ep… such is life.

    • Chozii says:

      I didn’t want to LOL, but I didz.Jacktion!: Thank goodness. My dead baby grenfriild and I have been trying to find a decent movie that we both want to see.Ebert didn’t like it because of that one fat guy in the movie whose jaw was destroyed so baly he could only talk using a computer program.

  9. Lazarus says:

    I think it was more rushed than the original because this time just about everyone watching know from the start that their really reptiles. The show quickly got through to the points that differentiate it from the original.

  10. Geckomayhem says:

    Haven’t seen it, but maybe that’s because I want my childhood memories of the original series to remain unsullied. Stargate Universe needs some action pretty soon (and I don’t mean Telford getting some action with Colonel Young’s wife…). They need to introduce the bad guys, too. FlashForward just got interesting for me, so I’m totally gonna stick with that for now.

  11. Kal says:

    I frickin’ raged when I saw the ads for this.

    I’m not even entirely sure why. I just raged.

  12. Zone99 says:

    I think the thing that bugs me about “V”, both old and new, is that one of the reasons they came to earth is for water, right? (and minerals).

    They built these giant ships that can hover in the atmosphere, they flew halfway across the galaxy and put on this impressive show, have amazing technology….and they can’t put 2 H’s and an O together??? Come on!!

    My first thought would have been “They can get here but they can’t make water. Blow them out of the sky!”.

    For the record, Morena was hotter in Firefly.

    • Vergast says:

      well dont you need OH to get rocket fule? Its hard to get apperently… So maybe the huge oceans look like a big saudi arabia?

  13. Blair Slavin says:

    Is it me or do the characters sort of look like William James Tiberious Kirk and the Dark Universe Mr. Spock?

  14. funny says:

    he aim of a joke is not to degrade but to ramind him that he is alrady degraded.

  15. Good Will says:

    I too think that BBC is renewing Krod Mandoon. I watched Krod Mandoon it was really good. But i don’t think that all kind of people will like this kind of humor. I still want more Red Dwarf. This blog information is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

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