Comic: “Not So Fast”

December 3, 2009
Comic: “Not So Fast”

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Have seen a bunch of time travel movies lately, and that was all I needed to spew out a comic.

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  1. WeirdTiger says:

    LOL upstaged by future self.

    Typo on the comic title “No so Fast “

    • evirus says:

      that’s one of the great things about science, the first requirement of any hypothesis is that it can be falsified. the best scientists, after coming up with a hypothesis, ask themselves “how do i prove that this is totally BS?”

  2. dustin says:


    Still, time travel wont ever be possible, because if it was, i would time travel and stop my self from typing this message, the fact that this message exists means it wont ever be possible! (i will live forever)

  3. dblcross says:

    Excellent this one makes me giggle.

  4. Darrell says:

    I was always a big fan of time travel in movies, but they’re no longer original & fun like they used to be & are now usually used as a cheap way around poor writing.

    As for the typo in the comic’s title, no doubt Scott will go back in time & fix it.

  5. Zacko says:

    Hehe. I love it.

  6. Laserwulf says:

    This makes me want to play the card game Chrononauts. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. PurrNaK says:

    Time travel is not possible.

    Thinks of it this way. Say you have a can of pop and it time travels back 1 minute. At the time of entry into that time a can pops into existance.. Then finds itself in the can of pop that just poped into existence a gagatrillianth of a second before it and before that and before that. The resulting explotion of infinate cans of pop popping into the same location would fill everything there is in less than a second.

    Now going forward in time is in fact possible. And it’s being done all the time.

    here watch…. I’ll move forward in time. *looks at clock* there see? I did it. I went forward in time. Not by a skip and a jump but at the speed of time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    NOW don’t get me wrong I do believe you can go back in time… you just won’t pop into the same reality you were in. Sliders design maybe? But you wouldn’t pop into space time like that can of pop I talked about earlier.

    • rciafardone says:

      And Thast why time travel (even in a multiverse) is a not “possible”. Even if as you said you would go “back in time” but in another universe or dimension or whatever, it would be as if you were “disintigrated” in THIS uni/dim/wevr. This renders the “time travel” point mute. since it would be a “non falsifiable” one. To repeat my self for clarity, even if multiverse excuse… sorry hypotesis is true, iรงt wouldnt matter and would be the same for US as if it was not true.
      Also forget about “comming back” because the universe of origing would be unaccesible too…

  8. DoggySpew says:

    The problem with timetravel is that nothing stands still in the universe . The earth alone rotates at more then a 1000 mph. And it goes around our sun, traveling at 60000 mph. And our solar system travels at 138 miles per second. And not even mentioning the speed our galaxy is travelling at, makes timetravel very impractical.

  9. doc brown says:

    88 mph and 1.21 jiggawatts of electricity should do the trick.
    Also scott, the image looks kinda buggy

  10. LostSoul says:

    You know…many a person has said that because we are not overrun with time-traveling hooligans, that time travel must not be possible. It seems like a logical conclusion but it’s over-simplifying the reality.

    We ARE “time traveling” right now. You are as you read this, I am as I type it. Time travel is not only possible, it’s an inescapable part of our existence. We simply do not know how to control it and bend it to our will.

    Which brings us back to the obvious statement “then why haven’t we met any time travelers?” that is an easy enough notion to jump to. You ask, and I answer.

    Four possible scenarios emerge to answer that:
    1) controlling the flow of time will never be possible.
    2) controlling the flow of time is possible but by the time we accomplish it, our race is enlightened enough not to mess around with our past.
    3) controlling the flow of time is possible and it is being done but so far timetravelers have evaded detection by the masses. And that brings us to the last reason…
    4) The human race never survives long enough to bring this capability to life. Natural distaster, armageddon, whatever…our race goes extinct.

    So you should ask yourself a fundamentally important question. If we are time traveling right now, what are the odds that doing so as we see fit is actually impossible? While not a specialist by any stretch of the imagination, I would wager it’s actually pretty damn low. This should present you with an interesting dilemna of human nature. Of the other three remaining scenarios to explain away that nagging question on time travel, which one is the most likely answer?

    2? 3? or 4?

    If you find yourself leaning towards 4…then our current scientific progress with “time” should give you pause. Is the hour or demise swiftly approaching?

  11. Mike says:

    Dude should’ve gone back in time and fixed that uni-brow.

  12. Tom Merritt says:

    Well now this is all very interesting, but here’s the thing. The possibility of matter traveling back in time is not only possible, but has been shown to be necessary to balance equations of Quantum Electro Dynamics. Electrons must go back in time in some Feynman Diagrams in order to make certain observable quantum operations make sense.

    The question isn’t about time travel so much. In fact many physicists believe there is no arrow of time, but our perception of time is merely a construct within our mind. The question is, can WE as wholly-constructed conscious human beings travel through time and remain alive and aware of who we are. That’s a lot of matter to move.

  13. Biff says:

    That’s not proof. He’s clearly a clone that was put in cryogenic stasis, revived, then teleported to the other guy who didn’t know he was really another clone.

  14. Darrell says:

    Hey Biff. Get that crappy smell outta your car yet? (tee hee)

  15. Christopher says:

    This is now my most favorite comic from this site. Thanks!

  16. robrdavis says:

    Time travel in both directions is possible. Trust me.

  17. Hjr says:

    LOL. i love the facial expressions.

  18. PurrNaK says:

    I will correct my previous statement. Time travel is possible, but it would require removing yourself from all time and then bring yourself back at a different time and location.

    If you remove yourself from the now and come back 2 seconds previous, you will have destroyed yourself by popping into the same spot… But then you wouldn’t have gone back in time to telefrag yourself.

    So the solution is to remove yourself from all time, You never existed so you are then able to come back into reality.

    Think of time as an island. You get out of your rowboat one one side of the island. You spend 4 days walking in a straight line across the island then get back in your boat and row away from where you started.

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