Comic: “Nerd pickup line”

March 30, 2010
Comic:  “Nerd pickup line”

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Just having a bit of double meaning fun here. Excited to get mine on Saturday. Enjoy!

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  1. Ectoplasm1 says:

    wow you did just go there…LOL I love it! Puns are the best kind of humor when used right imo

  2. Agent J says:

    Ha.. I like it.
    You still draw the funniest b00bs tho. 1982 ftw !

  3. Contrapaul says:

    “Hey baby, I’ve got rock-solid apps” (they never crash!)
    “Hey baby, wanna bump and share contacts”?
    “Hey baby, I may not be as flashy as the other guys, but… “

  4. ZackoWacko says:

    “Hey baby, bigger is better…”

  5. Sadly pathetic. Not the pun, that’s great, but there are tools out there who WILL try to pick up girls using the iPad, and they’ll die virgins.

  6. Foxlore says:

    Funny stuff. Congrats on the iPad, Scott. Will be looking forward to your reviews of it.

    Sadly pre-orders in Hong Kong won’t start until later this year. A friend of mine commented that “Now all the pre-ordered iPads for the US are waiting to be delivered from ShenZhen (the city just a few miles north of HK). It’s ironic for that people in HK/China need to wait for them to go round the globe: SZ > US > HK.” I am thinking to get one at an Apple Store in June when I head stateside, since they still won’t be available here. My better half seems to want one as well (mostly to play a larger version of Plants vs Zombies I suspect) so it may be an expensive trip.

  7. SpryCorpse says:

    The guy must have very big inside-jacket pockets.
    (and I think the boobs are just fine)

  8. Daniel Mesa says:

    Well, on the subtle aspect of it, having an iPad means that you are keen at technology, wealthy enough to easily afford one, classy enough to go for the Apple stuff, and gentle not to use rough language when showing “your pad”… in the other sense. 🙂

    Good enough, Scott.



  9. KiloCharlie says:

    Reverse the genders of the people in the comic and it takes on a whole other meaning.

  10. Rezlow says:

    That’s a good filter to apply.

  11. Alex Cruz says:

    I like pancakes…

  12. Sidehack says:

    Wait, so going for Apple stuff makes you classy? I thought their target consumers were primarily the Artsy-Musicky crowd and girls that can’t understand technology, both of which groups are by definition lame. I can’t stand a single item on their product line, but then again I’m just a non-classy non-artsy non-cartoony computer scientist and engineer.

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