Comic: “Mine Teacher”

April 22, 2009
Comic:  “Mine Teacher”

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Gotta give credit to my daughter for the joke in the comic today. She came home and told basically this story word for word. Cracked me up. So I just had to use it.

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  1. Fluberwinter says:

    You mean, a real kid said this?
    The world is doomed…

  2. MisterCraig says:

    If it was your daughter who said it, why use a young lad in the comic? Give her a shout!

    • Holly says:

      – SHUT UP!!!!!!! He proposed at a LADY ANTEBELLUM ceoncrt!? AND he played the guitar during their session!? I DIE. No, for real. I cannot wait for their wedding this weekend either! Girl you rocked this session! xoxo

  3. Xengon says:

    I love the title of this one!! 🙂

  4. Nancipants says:

    I laughed when you tweeted this yesterday, and I’m laughing again now. Poor teacher!

  5. Novan Leon says:

    Real life is so funny sometimes.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    hahahahaha Awesome!!!

  7. Burky126 says:

    This one is a weird one…although i get the intial joke,my first thought was that the Dad was
    the hitler teacher since his face is covered by the newspaper plus his expression throughout
    the comic made me more suspicious…

    Nevermind…thought id throw in my 2 cents.
    Anyway great comic

  8. kokomoman says:

    Um… I sure hope her new teacher never finds this comic…..

  9. Mwahahahahaa! I had something similar, but it was a professor that was apparently descended from Napoleon.

  10. I had that teacher when I was a kid, her name was Mrs. Grey, and she looked like a gray haired Hitler, even had a bit of the moustache.

  11. Doc says:

    Well, in german it’s spelled Mein, not Mine.
    Otherwise spot on, great joke 🙂

    “Jawohl, Mein Lehren”

  12. binaryspiral says:

    From the mouth of babes…

  13. Iserguy says:

    yeah, I was thinking the same thing

  14. Scott says:

    ugh. Mine was on purpose. If I have to explain it then I was definitely wrong to use it.

  15. Nic says:

    And now fingers crossed that this teacher doesn’t ever read this comic or she’ll easily be able to figure out that your daughter was talking about her, for ever ruining her academic career!

  16. Hadgi says:

    funny comic, reminds me of a teacher that i saw that looks like Ben from Lost

  17. WeirdTiger says:

    Reminds me of Girl Hitler from the Venture Brothers.

  18. mercator says:

    Mein Lehrerin and Mein Lehrer for female and male teachers, respectively.

    Lehren is ‘teaching.’

  19. Torian says:

    @mercator to be 100% correct it’s “meine Lehrerin” (feminin possesivpronomen) -but ok the “joke” goes along the “Jawohl, mein Führer.” line- and “lehren” is the infinitive, so it’s “to teach”

  20. bunnyrut says:

    my female english teacher in high school looked just like howard stern

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