Comic: “Meanwhile, at James Hetfield’s house…”

April 27, 2009
Comic:  “Meanwhile, at James Hetfield’s house…”

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Don’t get me wrong…loves me some Metallica and I also loves me some Metallica on plastic guitars. I just think that if you asked the band back in 1995 if this was in their future plans, you might have gotten a different answer. Anyway, here it is.

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  1. Spencer says:

    Didn’t that say Rob Hetfield like 10 minutes ago?

  2. Leland Curry says:

    Well according to my television (and i always listen to my television), their only problem seems to be the guys dancing around in their underwear.

  3. Scott says:

    @Spencer: Yes, and through the power of magic, it changed to the right name. (My recommendation is to not draw comics late at night, while listening to Judas Priest.)

  4. Flamov says:

    Looks like the idea game him a boner.

  5. Spencer says:

    @scott, I would recommend not listening to Judas Priest. But that’s me.

  6. Blackwood says:

    @Spencer : “Didn’t that say Rob Hetfield like 10 minutes ago?”

    You are right, and I asked myself if this should be something like protecting James real name.

    Damn, I am really into metal and 5 years ago I would have laughed my head off if somebody showed this plastic stuff…

    …now Im going back to my X360, turn on Rockband 2 and jam until GH:Metallica reaches Europe. 🙂

  7. the soc says:

    if you would have asked them back in 1983 they would just ask what you are smoking and if they could have any of it XD

  8. El Fnord says:


  9. I can remember when they said they would never make music videos, then changed their tune to “never make music videos unless we had creative control.” Yeah, people can argue about “selling out” all day, but if you were staring at a contract with six-figure numbers, I think you’d be willing to bend a bit–especially if you could still apply your personal style to the finished product. The first two videos they made were beyond most of what was out at the time, and they earned their success the hard way.
    I just think it’s a shame their last album has more dynamic range on the video game. My CD is good for car use, but that’s about it, now that the case sports a second “corrected” disc for home use, and I’m spoiled on it. Heh, maybe the Loudness War would be a good concept for a future comic.
    I wonder if James would have had a nightmare about a movie featuring the band being in therapy. If anyone said that to me, I would have replied, “Are you high?”

    • Jake says:

      d’accord avec toi apre8s il est pas nul mais le solo ne vaut clairement pas celui de la vesrion studio mais je ne suis pas d’accord sur le fait que quand james chante par dessus il gache je trouve qu’au contraire james donne un cf4te9 vivant au final de la chanson et c’est surtout pour faire participer le publique

  10. Icesnake says:

    Considering that Metallica was the first band ever to sue their fans, I think nightmares 24/7 for every member of that group of thugs is appropriate.

  11. Emanon73 says:

    I don’t have to read one comment or watch the vid posted….


    I know what Cliff Burton and the rest of his band mates said in the video rockumentary Cliff ’em All.

    They said they would never make an Mtv video…blah blah… It was the mid to late 80’s they were kids!!!

    Then they sold out on the album And Justice For All… it was a slippery slope…they had some hits here and there… some cool shit, but mostly just shit..

    Give me their first 3 albums! Kill ’em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets!!

    The next albums had their shiny parts, no doubt. Two of the best LIVE shows I have seen.

    …And Justice for All was a kick ass show and the self titled (black album w/ the ‘Don’t Tread on Me Snake’ on the front)

    Both shows kicked ass! Why? B/c they played the classic shit!

    BREADFAN live… say no more

  12. Emanon73 says:

    OK, there was no vid posted… and your comments were cool. I just didn’t want to lose my train of thought…LOL


  13. kyle voltti says:

    thank goodness her eye was moveing otherwise I’d think he was sleeping with a corpse….

  14. Sithinious says:

    Great comic. Loved it!

    It is rather ironic, considering the whole Napster thing.
    On another somewhat related note, anyone as psyched as I am to play Brutal Legend when it’s finally released?

  15. Occularus says:

    I greatly enjoy the game, trying to get my wife to play with me. She agreed to go to their concert with me in the fall, just trying to her use to the music. Oh and great comic, the explanation is spot on.

  16. FiendishThingy says:

    Napster BAD!

  17. Naasuk (Andrew) says:


    Great comic.

  18. Magichorn says:

    @ Emanon73

    Thank you. That is the same way I feel.

    I hope that someday Metallica will come back to its old ways, like Megadeth did after selling out on Risk, Youthanasia, and Cryptic Writings.

  19. Matazuma says:

    I thought the band was The Band. Till I read the Comic title

  20. Mark says:

    @Flamov: Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice the boner… What’s the deal Scott?! Lol 😉

  21. Me says:

    He’s got some massive morning wood going on. 8================D

  22. Colin says:

    yeah but they love the idea behind it…. and if it is anything like GH: Aerosmith it will probably sell more than any of their albums.

  23. BigBang says:

    I’m not quite convinced by the date of ’95 cause Metallica released ‘Load’ in ’96 which was sort of a deathblow to their former fanbase and the beginning of their sell-out policy.

  24. Locke says:

    Wow, if there is one argument by music fans I can’t stand it’s the “so-and-so sold out.” No, so-and-so got paid and is living like a… oh yeah… rock star.
    Regardless, as an avid guitar hero player, I was glad to see some more serious music put into a game and for the first time in the franchise, have a worth while expansion. Also, glad to see a band with cajones (as opposed to Aerosmith) given the opertunity to have a GH game and resurect their album sales.
    Now if AC/DC, Led Zeplin and other classic rockers would remove the “intelectual property” stick from their anuses, we could have more good tracks on a GH game… not La Bamba.

  25. Darrell says:

    My dots!

  26. I don’t get…

  27. Scott says:

    You guys have James’ knee mixed up with his erection.

  28. @Scott: Wasn’t that a line from Raging Bull?

    “There’s your foot again…”
    “Ignore it.”

  29. John S. says:

    It’s a funny thing, I used to be really down on Rock Band and Guitar Player, until I realized that the kids of today are recieving an incredible education in classic rock via these silly little games.
    The bands themselves have wisely realized that this is a great way to gain new fans.
    Me? I love that these kids will know what REAL music played my musicians sounds like and will thus refuse to listen to the lame, weak bands of today, like Nickleback, Coldplay, and the not to mention the latest American Idols or Girl/Boy bands.

  30. Pyre says:

    @Locke I have no problem with bands making a ton of money. I don’t even really have a problem if they license their songs for advertising, movies, etc as they are their songs and can do whatever they want. I use the sell-out label with bands that dramatically change and/or water down their sound to reach a larger audience. THAT I have a problem with. Basically, my opinion is that making money isn’t selling out but changing your sound to make more money is.

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