Comic: “Kinda snuck up on me there…”

August 6, 2009
Comic:  “Kinda snuck up on me there…”

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11 Responses to Comic: “Kinda snuck up on me there…”

  1. DuhOrk says:

    I’m pretty sure this cat/dog thing is an analogy for my marriage.

  2. StrongDad says:

    Reminds me of coyote and roadrunner, kind of. The cat doesn’t appear as nice as the roadrunner and the dog is dopeyer then the coyote. I like this a bunch.

  3. Nakoma says:

    The Dogloo thing really cracked me up. I have yet to see a dog that will actually go into one.

  4. ScottP says:

    Well played sir. Well played indeed.

  5. Noah says:

    Dogloo… I literally laughed out loud at that 😀

  6. Teh Eric says:

    Yoo Scott. Love this comic! Maded me LOL out loud. 😀 Was wondering if it would be possible to enable side-scrolling on your site? I often browse in a small window whilst doing work and when I hit up your site I cant view the whole comic without maximizing the window. I know I know… lame thing to complain about, but side scrolling would be great!

    Thank man, and keep up the good work. Leo better watch his back. Looks like FrogPants might be the next TWiT Network. How many shows you up to now? 5? 6?

  7. Joshua S. Hill says:

    Hang on… is there actually something called a Dogloo? I thought he was just making it up!

    Seriously, more of these two! I LOVE them!

  8. Wow really? says:

    Offer praise, and a simple suggestion, and the post gets deleted?


  9. Scott says:

    I don’t delete anything. People can vote posts up or down but I don’t delete jack unless it’s super offensive or something. Sure you posted it?

  10. I just smile says:

    I read this every time but never really laugh out loud but ‘dogloo’ made me throw me head up involuntarily and just cackle.



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