Comic: “Jeff’s Inner Voice”

July 30, 2009
Comic:  “Jeff’s Inner Voice”

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Not sure where this comic comes from. Just something about it I liked so I did it.

Update: Watch me draw it!

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  1. lecciar says:

    Great comic scott and first

  2. ZenemiG says:

    Hah, you just made me laugh out loud (not LOL, I actually laughed out loud and my co-workers looked at me funny).

    Oh and… [Rant mode: ON] WHO GIVES A SHIT IF YOU WE’RE FIRST!? [Rant mode: OFF]

  3. lecciar says:

    I care, so learn to reply

  4. Efink says:

    Awesomeness, do you use one of those drawing pads?

  5. ZenemiG says:

    @Efink He does, he uses Wacom’s 21-inch Cintiq display tablet. Which, by the way, costs more than… probable me.

  6. Scott says:

    nah! I bet 1ZenemiG is worth 10 or 15 grand on the black market! 🙂

  7. Mikkel says:

    Looks awesome I wish I could draw like that! Anyway does anyone know which song it is?

  8. Mikkel says:

    Great drawing like the rest of the stuff I can find on this page! What is the name of the song playing?

  9. Scott says:

    Peter Murphy song. Can’t remember the name.

  10. Luke Stevens says:

    Any chance you got the idea from for this comic after watching the most recent The Guild episode? One of the characters said something almost exactly like that. 🙂

  11. Nakoma says:

    Eleventh! That proves I care… right? RIGHT?!? 😛

  12. Nakoma says:

    Eleventh! That proves I care… right? RIGHT?!? 😀

  13. JustPlainJim says:

    Loved watching you draw this one, Scott! It always amazes me to see the process, from the sketches to the finished product.

    I do hope you’ll pardon me for being nitpicky. “The princess is in a another castle”… probably don’t need the “a” between “in” and “another”.

    Love the comics, love the Instance! Keep up the great work!

  14. Scott says:

    Holy crap! How did I miss that???? What a dumb typo.

    Fixed now. Thanks, Jim. 🙂

  15. Lisim says:

    Loved this one Scott and the clip helps me understand the complexity of your art

  16. TechGeekGirl says:

    The song is “Fall With Your Knife” by Peter Murphy. I put it on a mix tape for my highschool crush once. Great song choice!

  17. mike says:

    wow im so glad you put this video, you should do it every time. i have been checking out your site for a long time, but now i have a new appreciation for ur comics now. ty

  18. nickchanger says:

    guess he’s going to turn back time now? 🙂
    although I don’t know if that flying thing looks the same as the fluffy dragon looking thing.

    yes – that was what I though about when I saw it 😛 .

  19. ZeeWire says:

    I always wanted to try to record one of my illustration sessions without sucess, I always got stucked by not knowing one can speedup the recording, I heard people saying they use after effects, but I was wondering if there is another alternative that would allow the time lapse effect and the recording like Snapz Pro….any ideas?? Thx

  20. Dice_Girl says:

    Thanks for the insight into your process. I am no where near that talented.

  21. Hey, Loved seeing you do your work it’s really amazing and I have to agree with Mike you should try and do this much more often. If not for every comic at least one a week.
    Just out of interest how long was it actually? just wondering how quickly you can churn these things out.

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