Comic: “Jeff’s Inner Voice”

July 30, 2009
Comic:  “Jeff’s Inner Voice”

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Not sure where this comic comes from. Just something about it I liked so I did it.

Update: Watch me draw it!

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  1. lecciar says:

    Great comic scott and first

  2. ZenemiG says:

    Hah, you just made me laugh out loud (not LOL, I actually laughed out loud and my co-workers looked at me funny).

    Oh and… [Rant mode: ON] WHO GIVES A SHIT IF YOU WE’RE FIRST!? [Rant mode: OFF]

  3. lecciar says:

    I care, so learn to reply

  4. Efink says:

    Awesomeness, do you use one of those drawing pads?

  5. ZenemiG says:

    @Efink He does, he uses Wacom’s 21-inch Cintiq display tablet. Which, by the way, costs more than… probable me.

  6. Scott says:

    nah! I bet 1ZenemiG is worth 10 or 15 grand on the black market! :)

  7. Mikkel says:

    Looks awesome I wish I could draw like that! Anyway does anyone know which song it is?

  8. Mikkel says:

    Great drawing like the rest of the stuff I can find on this page! What is the name of the song playing?

  9. Scott says:

    Peter Murphy song. Can’t remember the name.

  10. Any chance you got the idea from for this comic after watching the most recent The Guild episode? One of the characters said something almost exactly like that. :-)

  11. Nakoma says:

    Eleventh! That proves I care… right? RIGHT?!? :P

  12. Nakoma says:

    Eleventh! That proves I care… right? RIGHT?!? :D

  13. JustPlainJim says:

    Loved watching you draw this one, Scott! It always amazes me to see the process, from the sketches to the finished product.

    I do hope you’ll pardon me for being nitpicky. “The princess is in a another castle”… probably don’t need the “a” between “in” and “another”.

    Love the comics, love the Instance! Keep up the great work!

  14. Scott says:

    Holy crap! How did I miss that???? What a dumb typo.

    Fixed now. Thanks, Jim. :)

  15. Lisim says:

    Loved this one Scott and the clip helps me understand the complexity of your art

  16. TechGeekGirl says:

    The song is “Fall With Your Knife” by Peter Murphy. I put it on a mix tape for my highschool crush once. Great song choice!

  17. mike says:

    wow im so glad you put this video, you should do it every time. i have been checking out your site for a long time, but now i have a new appreciation for ur comics now. ty

  18. guess he’s going to turn back time now? :)
    although I don’t know if that flying thing looks the same as the fluffy dragon looking thing.

    yes – that was what I though about when I saw it :P .

  19. ZeeWire says:

    I always wanted to try to record one of my illustration sessions without sucess, I always got stucked by not knowing one can speedup the recording, I heard people saying they use after effects, but I was wondering if there is another alternative that would allow the time lapse effect and the recording like Snapz Pro….any ideas?? Thx

  20. Dice_Girl says:

    Thanks for the insight into your process. I am no where near that talented.

  21. Hey, Loved seeing you do your work it’s really amazing and I have to agree with Mike you should try and do this much more often. If not for every comic at least one a week.
    Just out of interest how long was it actually? just wondering how quickly you can churn these things out.

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