Comic: “Interface”

December 28, 2009
Comic:  “Interface”

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Personally, I love how the Na’vi connect with everything in that movie. After two viewings, all I really feel like doing is seeing it again. And perhaps again.

Anyway, enjoy the comic!

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  1. EvilSheep says:

    I lol’d. love this one 😛 wouldn’t it be cool just to do that for everything? wanna play a computer game? connect with your hair. Wanna read a book? connect with your hair. Wanna listen to music? connect with your hair. so much easier than carrying around headphones or whatever 😛

  2. bezgo says:

    Haha, hilarious!

    Hey did anyone notice how they cut away before Sam Worthington’s Avatar and his Na’vi gf mated? I was half expecting to see them connect hair plugs, but then realized how creepy that would look, definitely not PG13…

    • Coyote says:

      I really was expecting they mated by pluging their hair, seems the most reasonable thing to do after they establish they can create a bond with anything by pluging in… Also, it would be like a weird, funny and unintended reference to Demolition Man.

  3. Tr00matt says:

    This is your best EL comic in the last few months, hands down. I love it.

  4. Samala says:

    Am I the only one that thought it was weird that they “plugged in” with the end of their hair instead of the end of their tails?

  5. Dave says:

    I approve 😀
    Nice one Scott

  6. Davad says:

    I saw it the second time in IMAX…wow… I read Harry Knowles’ review about loving the story and upon second viewing, realized that I liked it better too.

  7. Robert says:

    Hmm.. Kind of a weird thing to notice (or not notice), but did the Avatars have nipples?

    Great comic!

  8. Jessika says:

    Nice Scott! Love this comic, and love the movie!

  9. ChriswKell says:

    Scott this was absolutely hilarious!

  10. gildron says:

    I’ve seen the movie three times now, the third was tonight. It stays just as good every time, I really, really love this movie. It makes me want one of those 120hz HDTVs so that I can see it in 3D at home. (I also want a sequel now- any excuse to return to Pandora.)

    By the third viewing you start to ignore what they want you to watch, and you start to look into the background, and that really let me appreciate the amazing level of detail in every aspect of that film, the team did an amazing job.

    You also notice things like avatar nipples. I wanted to know if they had them- because I figured they must, why else would the woman cover up at all. (Though with a culture like that, why would they really cover up? Oh, right- PG13) They do.

    No giant blue penis, that was a nice change from watchmen.

  11. Mary Varn says:

    This movie really resonated with me as a gamer. And I love this comic because it’s so meta – the Na’vi kid could be an avatar of a human, and he’s playing a video game with another avatar…Whoa! Mind blown.

  12. veronica says:

    This is awesome!!

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