Comic: “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

June 17, 2010
Comic: “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

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Truth be exposed, there are things about both Kinect and Move that interest me. But gotta hand it to Nintendo. Sounds like the 3DS is everything they said it would be, at least initially, and the games coming its way are impressive to say the least. Anyway, a comic was born.

Oh, and if you noticed that the last couple of comics are in black and white, and you’re wondering what gives, I’m just messing about. Nice to play with different things to keep the scenery fresh.

18 Responses to Comic: “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

  1. jabbmann says:

    I’ve got to say Scott that you nailed this. From the hundreds of tweets and updates from E3, this is how the excitement level in my house stands too.

  2. Jenks says:

    Why does Xbox have a package and PS3 doesn’t? What are you trying to say Scott?

  3. Tabularoinak says:

    Is that a Captain N jacket?

  4. Darrell says:

    The 3DS has a built-in 3D camera. Must have specs, since I am the ultimate 3D king of the universe. 😉 That alone would sell it for me IF IT’S GOOD.

  5. Dramble says:

    Xbox loses by far. All they showed were different versions of the games we got for the Wii 3 years ago.

    • JaFO says:

      Did anyone really expect anything else ?
      Even Sony has a Wii-zapper attachment for its controller … so they are also not that different either.

      Kinect & Move are the Wii-clones for the kind of people that complained about Nintendo’s ‘crappy’ graphics.
      Everyone else will think both of them are too bloody expensive compared to a Wii.

      • remolay says:

        And the move’s design is crap. Seriously, what is with the little ball on top? is that for the motion sensor? You could at least make it more compact.

        It looks horrible, Kinect has a crappy name and make you look like an idiot, and the Wii is still subject to jokes. Lose-lose situation. At least they sold me on the 3DS.

        but they were wrong about no one attempting 3D without glasses before. They tried it with the Virtual Boy, the very reason I thought at first that 3DS would be a dumb move

  6. N4kame0 says:

    Naild it scott. Thing is, Nintendo did motion control inexpensive and just enugh, I mean who wanna stand up kicking and jumping while playing a game ? Nintendo had perfect ballance insteed. A good price tag, and good sales. While other commpanies takes 3d glasess nintendo leeps ahead just like be4, leaving the others fighting in the dust. Wicked

  7. Foxlore says:

    Can I just say, I love the way the 360 guy is doing the stance from the old Karate Kid movie. Nicely done Scott. Love it! 😀

  8. Valeria says:

    Love how the XBox 360 guy looks like he is wearing a codpiece and PS3 boy has none. Got Sack?

  9. retlaw7 says:

    I’m surprised in this thread how many comments are regarding genitalia…

  10. MadJo says:

    You know, I can still hear the taunts from the XBox and PSX fanbois and from the MS and Sony execs, when the Wii was first officially announced.
    It was a gimmick, and made you look stupid, according to them.
    Now, who looks stupid? I mean Project Natal, oh sorry Kinect, (played too much with K’nex, MS?) has you jumping and looking stupid, and you need a big-ass living room for it. And the balls on Sony Playstation Move… they just make me laugh, how silly those look.

    Indeed, as someone else pointed out earlier, Nintendo had the balance just right and it was there from the release of the console..

    I doubt that Kinect nor Move will get much third party love, as not everyone will go out and get those controllers. So those things are pretty much doomed from the start. As a games developer you can’t be guaranteed that everyone will have the controllers, and you don’t want to saddle your potential buyers with a higher price, just because you need to buy the controllers.
    So, both are just me-too products, that probably won’t get adopted much.

    • JaFO says:

      The GuitarHero-franchise has proven that people are willing to pay 100+$ for a set of controllers that only works for a single game.

      Nintendo’s Wii Fit has proven the exact same thing.
      100$ for an extra that is only used by a fitness game ?

      Move & Kinect will sell if even only one of their games manages to push the right buttons..
      And as geeks we should appreciate the kind of magic required to make a computer recognize someone by merely using a camera as an input.

      • Dina says:

        in thte foot steps of others as alayws. ROFL I think that you’re talking about Sony here. Achievements>Trophies, Wii-Mote>Move, Xbox Live>PSN, Netflix(Xbox)>Netflix(PSN), Xbox Live Games Marketplace>Playstation Store. Yeah I’m sure you actually about about Sony following in the footsteps of others here.Oh IE is leagues ahead of the browser that’s on the over priced internet ready blu ray player. Leagues.The only thing that I agree with you on is the fact that if they’re going to do this it MUST have updateable flash. You’re right about that. Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made. John CarmackVN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 3 votes)

  11. MadJo says:

    I’m not terribly convinced. Not a lot of third party support for the Wii Balance board is there? In some cases it seems added in as a gimmick.
    And the band hero set, indeed proves that people are willing to pay for something like that (I had forgotten about that franchise), but I don’t see the same thing happen for Move or Kinect.
    But time will tell, I’m sure. I just don’t think it’ll reach Wii popularity, not with consumers and not with third parties. 🙂

    • JaFO says:

      Yes, the balance board doesn’t have any real support, but then it was a really limited device by design. Then again I believe that no one has really bothered to explore its capabilities.

      I think the real trick for both Move and Kinect is to find both games and customers willing to accept the flaws of the systems.
      Both Sony and MS have the money to invest in selling this stuff to developers (which is what they did at the last E3 and related events).

      MS also has the amateur developer community provided they allow XNA to access the Kinect controller … and that community may surprise us all)

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