Comic: “Hero Time”

April 20, 2009
Comic:  “Hero Time”

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Every little kid wants to be Wolverine, yes? Yes.

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  1. Zu says:

    I wanted to be Cyclops

  2. Original Tyler says:

    What do you mean “every little kid”? Don’t you mean “every male human”?

  3. Zed says:

    I wanted to be storm…dressing in drag kind of made it better…gladly I grew out of that

  4. Raingod says:

    Great comic Scott, but wow, his head is huge! How does that neck hold up that hydroocephalic cranium?

  5. Scott says:

    Super deformed kid head to the rescue.

  6. CWForney says:

    That dude’s forehead is almost as big as mine.

  7. Zorbane says:

    It’s Wolverine Jr!

  8. PurrNaK says:

    I um… (looks around) already saw the new movie. I have to say… I’m going to the theatre to see it and I’m buying the blueray. That’s how much I liked it…. All three times I saw it.

  9. CDRaff says:

    I always wanted the brain powers like Grey, or Xavier. That was until Ultimate Xmen, where Wolverine gets crazy. Being ripped in half by the Hulk, burned until he is just bone and muscle, stuff like that: WAY COOL!

  10. bobby says:

    Like PurrNaK, I also seen the… {cough} bootleg, but it was AWESOME and immediately regretted it (mostly because alot of CGI scenes were unfinished and seeing the wires sux). But to see what Wolverine went through, I would not like to have his life…at all. Actually the backstory and heartache of any superhero sux. With great power come great responsibilty with a side of loss and depression!

  11. Eric says:

    I lived a depraved childhood. Never had any comic books. (Couldn’t afford them. [not kidding]) Later as we came out of poverty, I never got interested in them. Instead, we had B/W TV with a couple of stations we could receive. The heroes were Bugs Bunny and a cartoon shotgun that would not kill anyone.

  12. TheOtherScott says:

    i always wanted to be magneto, or deadpool. and i saw the movie too, it was awesome the best publistiy stunt in a long time, next to susan boyle

  13. PurrNaK says:

    When you put out a movie and it’s actually good. Leak it with the CGI missing. Then because it’s actually a good movie, people will go see it to see the finished product.

    Me? I saw anger management and Spirit and Alone in the dark and paid for them.

    Now I don’t pay unless i know it’s going to be good.

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