Comic: “Hard Time”

March 9, 2010
Comic:  “Hard Time”

About this comic

Ok, I’m gonna admit something here. This comic is directly inspired by my umpteenth viewing of Shawshank Redemption. Why I have gum stuck under a table chatting to each other, I’ll never understand.

Either way, there it is.

13 Responses to Comic: “Hard Time”

  1. PACrivellaro says:

    I imagine chewing a piece of anthropomorphized gum would be an… unpleasant experience.

  2. Ink Asylum says:

    This may be the first time under-the-table gum has been anthropomorphized. Well done.

  3. AlexC1981 says:

    I used to put gum under the table, back in the days. I wonder if they are mad at me??? hmmm…

  4. Tsuga says:

    Love it.

  5. Jones says:

    Brings back fond memories of Stimpy’s snot goblins. Ace!

  6. FrederikK says:

    Great idea – must have been the most easy thing you’ve ever posted. The frames has almost no change at all.

  7. LBrown says:

    Not sure why you chose “Lenny”…. Is there a Sqiggie joke coming ala Lavern and Shirley? Perhaps a punchline, “Do I get to tend the rabbits George?” Either way, great stuff. You could do an entire strip with Frank and Lenny just commenting on footwear, chatting with the fry on the floor, overhearing conversations…. Kinda of a “fly on the wall” kind of thing. Whatever the path… Good stuff!

  8. shibadou says:

    This is one of my favorites in a long time! Hilarious. It reminds me of that episode of Ren and Stimpy where they’re trying to get the treasure out of the Lincoln Memorial’s head, and Ren gets rammed up in his nose only to be scraped under Lincoln’s chair from a ‘See the President Pick His Nose’ coin-op.

  9. Molly says:

    I always imagine the gum having a party and looking up people’s dresses!

  10. Mad-Bassist says:

    “I am not a fish! I am… a piece of gum!”

    Something about this strip made me laugh like a mental patient repeatedly. That would be my definition of comic genius.

  11. Scott (no, not that Scott) says:

    I think Scott should blog about what inspires these comics, becuase I want to know what the heck popped in to that brain of his to encourage this sort of humor?!!? Nevertheless… it’s hilarious.

  12. MCP says:

    It’s pretty obvious you smoke weed.

  13. Moobie says:

    I can’t freaking believe I feel sympathetic for a green piece of gum stuck to the underside of a table. >.<

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