Comic: “Goes without saying”

July 16, 2009
Comic:  “Goes without saying”

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18 Responses to Comic: “Goes without saying”

  1. Overconfident says:

    That’s not even a joke, it’s just you drawing a dog with a cobra helmet…

  2. digisam says:

    so has grandpa and me been officially axed?

  3. Scott says:

    @Overconfident – Exactly.

  4. Artsoldier1 says:

    haha. It made me laugh. I think this movie looks like its gonna be crap and everytime I see a commercial I feel that way more and more.

  5. Rhiannon says:

    I must say, I am loving Jake and Jeff.
    Is G.I. Joe even going to be released in the UK? I don’t know. I don’t really care either.

    *smooches Jeff*

  6. Will says:

    This is hilarious, great job Scott

  7. Mr Wesley says:

    All over the map? Has anyone seen an even remotely postive review of this film?

    This movie will not just be the worst movie of this year, it may go down as one of the biggest flops in the history stuff.


  8. virgowall says:


  9. “It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat, eh, Destro?”

  10. Gene says:

    I see this movie, as bad as it is, still be better then Dragonball: Evolution on every level.

  11. standardtoaster says:

    The dog is like some sort of worm dog

  12. Nakoma says:

    I wish the movie people would stop raping my childhood…

  13. binaryspiral says:

    I’m with Nokoma… the cartoons were bad enough – this movie better be good. And not “action porn a la transformers” good… like instant classic action movie good.

    I spent way too much on GI Joes as a kid to get a crappy movie as a last installment.

  14. Odd says:

    I know more than a few people that will want to see this regardless of what its about.
    I am pretty sure they will force me go with them.

    Every dollar this movie makes will be from these two types of people.

  15. Ceiynt says:

    It has a Waynes brother in it. When was the last time a Wayne’s brother was in anything other then “not good”?

  16. Angeblich says:

    Does the man only have one leg?

  17. Rex Hondo says:

    So long as they’ve given Ray Park plenty to do, I’ll be happy. It’s almost always worth a couple bucks just to watch that man do his thing. (With the notable exception of Ecks vs Sever.)

    Besides… Live action Baroness…

  18. Geir says:

    No one here will like this film because they are too busy ruining the film for them self already.

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