Comic: “Give these guys a break”

May 11, 2010
Comic: “Give these guys a break”

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Sometimes I just feel bad for the dudes at Treyarch. They actually do a pretty good job on the games they get behind. World at War was not horrible, and you all know it. But they are put in this weird position of being the second tier guys for off years in COD games, among other projects.

Now that Infinity Ward is splintered and all whacked up, I wonder if Activision will finally let these guys stretch a bit and get out from under the shadow a little. Until Spec Ops comes out, I guess they will have to endure a bit more nerd hate…I personally hope they pull it off and shine a little.

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  1. dethmunky says:

    I’ve always skipped their games. I wasn’t thrilled when I heard there would be attack dogs in the World at War multiplayer. And there was the thing with the soldier getting his eyeball burned with a cigarette. That just seemed gratuitous to me. I’ll play the next one if they’ll let me play as Captain Price though. Just no attack dogs please.

    • MikeJS says:

      So getting a cigarette in the eye is too gratuitous for you… but mowing down an airport of innocent people, and having the main character shot and burned to death isn’t? Hypocrisy much?

    • MikeJS says:

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not…

  2. idogis1 says:

    I actually liked WaW better than CoD 4 … guys?

  3. Remolay says:

    Treyarch did the newer Spiderman games, which are in no way unfun at all. How do they get a bad rep. (guess whose never played a COD game)

  4. Zhany says:

    When Scott says Spec Ops, does he mean Black Ops?

  5. Jeds says:

    Was playing CoD:MW2 religiously until on a whim picked up WaW… now I like that better.

  6. WizarDru says:

    I can’t speak to World at War, but Treyarch has had that reputation for a long time, based on their output. They started doing ports to the Dreamcast and really bad games. I mean, we’re talking Kelly Slater Pro Surfer and Minority Report: Everybody Runs…voted by X-Play to be the WORST PS2 game of all time.

    They have had some decent games, (CoD3, Spiderman 2) but don’t have any IP to call their own. The last time they worked on a game that was something they actually developed was over 10 years ago, with Die by the Sword and Draconus. Games that barely anyone even recalls, now….for good reason.

    When the best thing you can say about a studio is that they’re decent stewards of someone else’s ideas and designs…well, they could do better.

  7. Spinny says:

    I preferred WaW personally. There didn’t seem to be so many irritating morons playing it unlike MW and MW2 which is essentially populated by 13 year old boys making irritating noises down the mic and noob tubing everyone.

    Don’t get me wrong, WaW had them too, but it never felt like there were as many.

    Plus, I was awesome at WaW and I’m only fantastic and MW2. ;¬)

    I jest.

  8. lurker says:

    @Spinny- Your welcome to tube away. Gives snipers something to fear. At least you know where the tube comes from, and everyone on your team whats to kill their a$$ and usually do before they get the 2nd tube off. Snipers…..not so much.

    As for Tetrearch.. I’ve bought a couple of the Men of War games…….Just give me some new Company of Heroes…. MoW failz.

    Though not as bad as Battlefield 2: Bad Company. Thats my vote for the biggest hyped over priced piece of garbage. Because of that game I’m STILL playing CoD: Modern warfare.

  9. straylight says:

    Ive always disliked this company, not because they are second to Infinity ward, but because I can find no ‘fun’ in the games they’ve made. I’ve tried, really TRIED to understand what it is, but their games are just- uninspired.

  10. Jake says:

    This thread is like the epitome of damning with faint praise. “not horrible” “not unfun” etc

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