Comic: “Give it to me straight, doc.”

August 27, 2009
Comic: “Give it to me straight, doc.”

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I have not played a proper D&D game since I was in highschool. Not for lack of want…more of “lack of people” that want to play. But I just know that jumping back in means a steep learning curve, and remembering curve for that matter.

Excited to sometime get some 4th edition rules action happening with people, but for now, I guess I just get to make the occasional comic about it. 🙂

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  1. Remolay says:

    meh, I rolled my character this summer and it was all according to second edition rules

  2. Artsoldier1 says:

    Me and my friends are in a similar situation right now. None of us has ever played before but we decided it would be fun to try. Unfortunately all we have accomplished so far is to sit around and read the books and just kinda go ‘uhhh?’

    I’m sure we will figure it out eventually but for beginners its a demoralizingly large amount of info to have to learn.

  3. joebudy says:

    I will play with you scott. We can play over webcams.
    I can’t seem to find anyone to play with either. But I am used to 3.5 and not 4th edition.

  4. Bartman says:

    I just checked out the Critical Hit podcast that Scott twittered about…
    These guys are recording live D&D gameplay, its pretty hilarious and brings back some memories
    give it a whirl for some chuckles

  5. Darrell says:

    Awesome!! This was me back in the day.
    The only thing I cared about was if I was good or chaotic.

    My character’s name was ween. I mean, that’s what you’d expect from me. Especially back then. Y’see, ween was short for weenis which is a combination of… well ok never mind.

  6. Remolay says:

    I’m attacking the darkess!

  7. The_Julian says:

    You should be a special guest on Major Spoilers’ Critical Hit podcast. It would be cool to have a new addition to the characters.

  8. PittPunk says:

    I play 4th edition with a group of college buddies and it is definitely a lot of fun. I started out not know what do at all, but we have a really good dungeon master who knows his stuff, along with a guy who is familiar with the D&D game play.

    However, it is rare that we can get together every weekend to play. Still, a full day’s worth of D&D is kick ass no matter what goes on.

  9. Wyrd says:

    I can totally relate Scott I live in Northern Ontario here in Canada, and there is pretty much no one to play with either. I’ve tried remote games using an open source virtual table top software to great success. I suggest that as a way you can play with people who might be intrested if you cant find people locally to sit down with. Still not the same atmosphere I guess. I willing to let you know how to do that if need be.

    Btw, first post I’ve made for the site, enjoy your comics, podcasts etc. Thanks.

  10. Bryce says:

    On the Wizards of the coast D&D website they have an amazing character builder that you can use for free to make characters level 1-3. Download it and mess around a bit – it’s a great way to get back in to things.

  11. Morely Dotes says:

    This is the essence of what World of Warcraft makes simple: The computer figures out all the dice rolls for you, and you get to “just go kill stuff.”

  12. Todd says:

    Hi! 4th Edition tries to emulate modern MMORPGs. I suggest buying pathfinder core rules when it is released. It is an updated Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rule book. Taking old school memories and putting them aside 3.5 was the best rule system created. I own a version of every D and D system made from the classic to now (yes I am a d&d nerd) I also just opened my own game shop where I can’t sell 4th ed to anyone unless the are very new to the system and I even talk them out of buying the 60.00 volumes of 4th and going with the 35.00 path finder book. If you want a good amount of role playing with a ton of customization play 3.5 and path finder. If you want to hack and slash and play wow except with dice buy 4th.

    • Bayoubilly says:

      I’m sorry sir, but you are sorely missing the point of how 4th edition plays. Honestly, I’m not trying to be snooty or anything, I just happen to seriously disagree. My friends and I have had more fun playing D&D 4th edition than at any other except for when we started playing back in the 2nd Ed. days.

      It hasn’t turned into hack and slash at all for us. The combat flows smoothly and is quite enjoyable and the classes feel fresh and new while at the same time feeling like we are still playing classic classes.

      And really any game rule set can degenerate into hack and slash. It just depends on who’s running it and who’s playing it.

  13. TomA says:

    Ya same goes for me,I’m in Coquitlam,BC and I haven’t played proper D&D in years because i can’t find anyone to play with. Maybe all the ELR/Instance listeners could get together and have a big D&D weekend. Maybe we could even get Felicia to come out as well. Crazy idea but you never know.

  14. virgowall says:

    this is exactly how I felt when introduced to D&D.

  15. Don’t fret the complications, Scott. If you could find some people to play with, 4th Ed is a great place to start. You’ll get a lot of classic D&D’ers that hate it (most “core” groups of any hobby hate the new/mainstreamed update of their “classic”). 4E makes things very easy and comfortable to get into, and honestly makes it much easier to just focus on roleplaying and doing what you want as opposed to having rule lawyers cracking open the books every 3 seconds to argue a GM’s decision.

    Why not start up a game with Nick and another buddy, just to test the waters? Currently my wife is GM’ing a game for me and two first-time friends. They both seem amazed at the flexibility and have had a few good memories crafted already.

  16. Binks says:

    Morely Dotes – True enough, computer RPGs and Pen and Paper are really for different people. The kind of people who ‘just want to kill stuff’ (as in the comic) and play around tend to gravitate towards computer RPGs where the goal is less ‘Build a cool character then play them’ and more ‘Have fun killing stuff and hanging out’. Nothing wrong with that. Personally I’m a bigger fan of Pen and Paper because I prefer the flexibility, and I’m one of the weirdos who likes reading rules and planning stats :P.

  17. Sandchigger says:

    So… human fighter then. That was easy!

  18. JoyfullAnn says:

    I’ve played 3.5 and 4th edition, and I think 4th is a lot more streamlined, making it easier for people to start up and play, especially if they haven’t played before. And I like it because it seems to encourage working as a team, so that you end up having less of one person trying to start a mini solo quest in the middle of the game (leaving everyone else bored). In 4th, it seems if you try to run off by yourself, you’re more likely to end up dead. I feel the characters are more balanced in 4th and the system is easier for me to understand.

    I’ve already played it with a couple of kids under 10, and they loved it. They had simple characters drawn up with one or two attacks, so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed, and they had lots of fun.

  19. luke7374 says:

    Exactly how I felt. I spent 2 or 3 hours trying to work out how to make my character, and all I wanted was to do some role playing!

  20. Hannibal says:


  21. Bloodwin says:

    The guys at Wizard have changed a lot about D&D and for the better IMO. One of the nice things are the new digital tools that are online and some of which you can download. So now you can get a trial version of their character generator which is much like the old D&D RPG computer games so you don’t have to know a ton of stuff just pick things from a list. And they don’t enforce rolling stats any more which is great for those who used to fudge them anyway (or use the old roll 4 D6 and loose the lowest). Also on their website is a free downloadable introductory adventure with pre-generated characters and starter rules in a handy PDF. So you don’t have to make a huge investment to try out new D&D and if you are familiar with MMOs (as a whole new generation are) then it’s really easy to get into.

    Also this week the D&D podcast is starting another season of recordings with the guys from Penny Arcade and PvP with Wil Wheaton. It’s definitely not family listening but it is a lot of fun.

  22. Wobbel says:

    although I have never played D&D this is what held me back for a long time playing RPG or RTS games. When people started talking about “Depth” and “game play” I usualy zoned out and was basically thinking I spend my whole day learning crap in school now i just want to relax and go kill stuff. XD I do like them now though.

    Cool Details in the background of this comic… nice! 😀

  23. Wobbel says:

    O and when I say “i just want to relax and go kill stuff” I mend in a FPS…. It’s not like I was eyeing the neighbours cat or chasing down my sister with a hamer or anything like that.
    Just wanted to clerify that.. ahum

  24. atlantis1982 says:

    Well there is the problem, 4th Edition. 4th Edition sucks and it scares people away.

    • luke7374 says:


    • Eric H. says:

      4th Edition did the opposite for me. I started off with 3.5 and had a lot of fun, but the rules system always seemed like a big of an obstacle to get around to have fun. 4E made me actually enjoy both playing AND the system.

  25. Steven says:

    That is totally me and my wife. My wife is the enthusiast. I’m the one who wants to kill things.

  26. Olan Suddeth says:

    Not to sound like a link troller, but man, feel free to come play with us at the Red Dragon Inn anytime. That’s the whole reason I started the site – not enough time/people to play with in real life. I may not be able to set aside hours to play D&D, but I can commit to fifteen minutes in a day to write a game post.

    For what it’s worth, I still play second editon (and some d20), but we have games of every system there.

  27. vyskol says:

    I started playing D&D back in grade school with the ole’ red box. I gave it up for a while intermittently (got too heavily into MUD’s and then WoW), but recently my buddies and I have picked it up again.

    We’re playing 4th edition and having a great time. I was worried that we’d feel overwhelmed, but really, we were able to jump in almost immediately after downloading Wizard’s character generator and printing out the characters. We’ve since picked up a couple books and done some extra reading, but this was after we’d already “jumped in.” Really just roll up a character and run with it.

    And don’t pay too much attention to the 4e haters. 2nd ed., 3, and 3.5 all went through the same thing. Nobody likes changes to their favourite game. Sure I miss the algebraic THAC0 formulas, full arrays of Saving Throws, and spending half an hour coming up with a list of memorized spells, but really 4e is well designed to let you _play_.

    The pace and style of the game is really a function of the DM and the players, not the rules. If you’re game has degenerated into a hack and slash fest (not that there’s anything wrong with that) it’s not because you no longer have to memorized 5 page list of spells every day.

  28. Asterix says:

    I have honestly never played D&D in person but it actually sounds like something I would really enjoy since I am big fan of fantasy MMOs. There is just something about hanging out with your family and friends, drinking beer or soda and having a blast. Nice comic btw…

  29. The March Hare says:

    I, like a surprising many, am about to start up d&d as well. Though… all of the people I am going to play with are in disagreement over if we should play by 4th or 3.5 edition rules. It is quite a mess, I’d say. Though personally I’m leaning towards 3.5 simply because I do not find myself enjoying the way 4e approaches skills and combat abilities. Though I’d probably be just fine with them if I actually sat down and learned it properly.

  30. Tassia says:

    Well, if you’d like to join our merry band of rejects you’re welcome to, we’re trying it out online with each other. A few used to play, some have never played, it’s an adventure!

  31. snarfleblat says:

    I suggest to search for more players in your area. I’ve found two groups through the site, and have chatted with many more players in my area.

  32. CPUWiz says:

    I have been playing since the 70’s when you had to color your dice with a crayon. I have yet to find a version that I could not play as long as I had a good GM and a group of friends. I would love to play D&D with you Scott.

  33. Dice_Girl says:

    You just reminded me how long it has been since my party has gotten together. I haven’t had a chance to rest and gain my lvl 7 powers. >_<

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