Comic: “Get with the program”

June 14, 2010
Comic: “Get with the program”

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This of course on the heels of news that Microsoft has decided to give Natal a new name, and well, I just couldn’t resist.

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  1. Darrell says:

    One thing Microsoft can’t do is name things sensibly. I mean sheesh.

  2. Dramble says:

    I expected them all to be waving their arms around in a Rube Goldberg-esque attempt to get things done/

  3. Madkoww says:

    I suppose it’s better than Windows Phone Seven Series or Microsoft Bob.

  4. tnfreak says:

    i wonder what the new failure rate of the new version of xbox360s are, not that id ever buy one, no reason too, no exclusive games that i want to play, the origonal xbox id buy again.

  5. RRRansom says:

    Just add a man skateboarding color into the world and it’ll be gold.

  6. Mark says:

    Microsoft to a T though, making a new 360 insuring people will have to upgrade sooner than later, why?

    old 360 breaks down, you’ll get an old sku replacement (the cycle continues until that warranty DOES run out).

    The old 360 needs an accessory to even use the kinect.

    And the most pissed off moment is the old HDD’s aren’t even compatable with the new 360.

    Glad they put in 1 big fan than 2 small though, it may actually last as long as my original xbox (thompson drive n all).

    wifi, i wouldn’t use online, then again i refuse to pay for “gold”, somehow the PS3 and even the wii gets that right, hell even the wii can play bbciplayer. 😛

    really surprised they didn’t come up with a HD-DVD (lol) equivalent though… to me the PS3 is still better hardware. Although the software is what counts which is why i own both.

    I’d hate to be a fanboy who could only play Mass Effect 2 OR Unchartered 2… i’d rather play both and Mario Galaxy 2 🙂 life is so much simpler as a gamer not a fan boy

    • MOtte says:

      I know you probably mean no harm with your comment, but there is other reasons than fanboyism that some people limit themselves to one console. I’d love to have all 3 yes, but as it is with my economy, I just can’t see that happening too soon.

      Also, I’m impressed at Microsoft’s consistency. For each new thing I hear about the Natal (the latest being the name change, and star wars game demo), I like it less and less.

      • Joseph says:

        The idea is rellay, rellay cool. The idea of using gestures instead of a mouse is brilliant, but it is so far off that the original idea of computers. They were clunky and hard to use, and you couldn’t ever use a word-processing program. You had to BUILD one. Imagining a world without bitmapped displays and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) is hard. Now we are on the verge of waving our arms in front of a screen to see an other x-ray. That’s so cool. But there are several things about this that are not. The fact that the kinect sensor is very clunky and big. It didn’t look right on top of a chair or on top of a gray-colored screen. The kinect sensor itself could be sized down and placed as built in hardware on a screen, and the screen itself tilts. That would work. But instruments going obsolete?Never going to happen. There is something about playing an actual instrument that is quite amazing. The strings pluck and there is resistance against your finger, or air blowing into a tube and sound it makes, or the beating of the drum against your hands. It just wouldn’t be the same. Here’s one fact (the rest are opinions/facts stewed in). Microsoft is developing a kinect for Windows and this may very well happen.

  7. Disciple83 says:

    Damn, y’all some haters.

    @Mark, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Sony just release a Slim version of their unit, have over 5 different capacities of their hard drive, add the ability to install a second OS then TAKE IT AWAY, then break compatibility with PS2 games all together? And you wanna talk about Microsoft forcing an upgrade, the company who’s STILL supporting XP and the 1st gen Zunes? Of course the Old 360 needs an accessory to play with Kinect, just like the old Xbox needed an adapter to use wireless controllers, that’s why they’re OLD, the process gets refined as technology develops.

    And @Darrell, they can’t name things sensibly? Describe sensible. Is it putting an ‘i’ in front of everything? I say Zune, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I say Live and you think about multiplayer games. I say 7 and the first thing you think of is the new Microsoft OS. At least they’re thinking differently, oddly enough in stark contrast to the competition’s selling point, the same competition that names everything after various felines and personal references with poor spelling skills. And Sony? their idea of change was using the Spider-Man font on their next gen console, I know, it’s on mine right now.

  8. Lord Zeon says:

    Woah, woah. There’s a lot o’ hatin’ goin’ on this thread. Simmer down people.

    Kinect isn’t a bad name. If you’re familiar with it’s ‘root’ word “kinetic,” it does make some sort of sense. Microsoft’s vision for this device is to bring you into closer control and contact with their games by adding a layer of physicality. Kinect both makes some sense, and it’s fairly unique while conveying the entire concept of the project. Unlike some other names, like the iPod or Wii that are unique, but ultimately tell you absolutely nothing about the product.

  9. torticoli says:

    By the way, did you see that incredible demo of this Star Wars game using Nat… Kinect ? And the way it’s not the avatar that reproduces the tester’s movements, but the opposite ? You gotta see this.

    • JaFO says:

      I think all of the Kinect-demos I’ve seen so far were artists mimmicking the avatars instead of the other way around.

      I still wonder if it will work in the real world with real people doing this.
      If Sony has issues with their eyepet thingy for the PS3 then surely this can’t be perfect controller-free gadget ?

      I’ve used the eyetoy and I’ve noticed it needs a damned good bit of light to work.

      The other problem for Kinectic/Natal is that they don’t have an alternative control-method should the software require it (ie : Wii and Move can always use buttons as a fail safe feature).

      And … on the subject of ‘bad’ names :
      – Wii had some fun with those jokes didn’t wii ?

  10. garamis says:

    Didn’t it say Bill instead of Stan yesterday?

  11. Gamortie says:

    I thought Bill was used with malice aforethought! 😉

    • JaFO says:

      A freudian slip perhaps ? 😉

      Still … the name doesn’t really matter for the joke, now does it ?

      One does wonder what the heck they were drinking …

  12. remolay says:

    I liked the name better when it was called Natal.

    • JaFO says:

      I liked it even better when names for products meant something instead of being yet another way to confuse customers.

      Then again … I doubt any non-geek will even remember this was named ‘project natal’ at first.
      And we should thank them for the name-change, because now we’ll know what shops to trust.

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